TFAW $1 $2 sale

TFAW is having a $1 and $2 back issue sale. (like 295 pages of books)

Some of the cool books I saw for $1:
Batman #118 McFarlane Homage ($6 cover price for $1)
Lunar Room #1 1:5 Variant for $1
House of Slaughter #1 2nd Print Foil for $1
Regarding Matter of Oswalds Body #1
House of Slaughter #1 2nd Ptg B&W
Spawn #325 (Cover A - Barends)
Stray Dogs Dog Days #1 (of 2) (Cover B - Horror Movie Variant)
Stray Dogs Dog Days #1 (of 2) (Cover A - Forstner & Fleecs)
Stray Dogs #5 (Cover B - Horror Movie Homage)

$1 LCSD Variants of
Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost #1
Friday #1

$1 Star Wars Mags
Star Wars Insider #206 FOC Trading Card Cover
Star Wars Insider #207 Previews Exclusive Ed

King Spawn #1 (2nd Ptg)
Moon Knight #1 (3rd Ptg Cappuccio Variant)

Amazing Spiderman Comics (ASM #74 $10 cover for $1)
Catwoman (Frison Covers)
Star Wars #1 Books
Venom $1
Spawn Books $1
Miles Morales Spiderman $1
Moon Knight

By Creator
Joe Jusko Covers
Donny Cates
Peach Momoko
Rose Besch


Damn, did you just grab all them?

Venom #1
1st Meridius

Robin #1
1st Flatline

Gunslinger Spawn #1

I am only up to page 90 so far.

High Republic Adventures 3

1st non Store Exclusive cover of Marchion Ro

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sale started at 6pm est today, got lucky to see tweet about it 2 minutes after the start, i limited myself to only marvel books tho.

Thanks for posting ! Used the 128 entries per page, and got 37 pages. Some good books - some got taken out of my cart ! Everytime I see one of these sales, I get excited, and after finishing ordering, I feel sad that I had bought a bunch of these at near cover price when they first came out.


If you are the type that likes to buy a truck load of blanks, bring them to cons, and trade them for gold bars, there’s a ton of blanks. Many House of Slaughter.

Legends of the Dark Knight #2 (Cover B - Riley Rossmo Card Stock Variant)

First female riddler

Batman 108 - Miracle Molly

Pyrate Queen and Monster Kill Squad 1 (if you don’t utterly hate Bad Idea).

Radiant Black 10 Black light edition ($10 for $1)

Stray Dogs 1-5 (Various reprints) for $1

Watching items disappear from my cart

I just bought a few about - 10 books; saw that my shipping was increasing (capped it to ~$10).

Teen titans Academy 1

Future state teen titans Ruins (first Red X cover -2nd print sort of)

What condition would these $1/$2 books be in, haven’t purchase such sale items on TFAW, curious.

Assume they are new, and then hope the mail and shipping Gods are good to you ! But yes new, and then depends on how TFAW packs and the mail handles.

Doesnt appear free shipping works with this sale. I bought a bunch of books for my son. He loves power rangers and stuff like that but is only 4 years old so he wrecks them. Added some graphic novels in to get over the $75 mark for free shipping and its not showing for me.

When I’ve ordered from these sales in the past many came with various defects, and not bagged or boarded.

But It’s been a while…and many of those books had previously been “sold out” then suddenly appeared. So I’m guessing they likely were warehouse overstock of less than NM copies they decided to unload.

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Still showing the wrong cover for A….

I know there were a few questions about the condition of these sale items. Well I got an email from TFAW that some of the items I wanted were in unsellable condition, so they would be refunded.
Which is cool, but also it made the shipping costs per book for this order a little more than I liked lol

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