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So I decided I’d start doing previews preorders through TFAW. I used to do it through Midtown years ago and will probably go back to them as I like there site and process better.

The problem I’m having and it’s effing tedious, is as you add each book it takes you to Your Preorders section of your account that shows all your preorders. Which is fine normally because I can just hit the back button which takes me back to exactly where I left off to continue browsing. Only it takes me back to the very top of the list. So now I have to scroll through hundreds of books that I’ve already looked at dozens of times.

I thought maybe it was my device or settings but any other site I do that at takes me back to exactly where I left off.

They could’ve even just added it to my preorders without actually leaving that first page. Instead it takes you there and cue the scrolling.

Anyone else have this issue when preordering with TFAW?

Yea I just found out a few days ago that you can change that. Click on your name and then click on ‘My Account’ then click on ‘Pre-order options’ on the menu on the left side then scroll to the last option and you will see ’ Pre-Order/Backorder Button Behavior’ and you can select for it to stay on the page you are on instead of going to your pre-order page.


Thank you so much. This just made my day!!!

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omg i’m so happy i read this post!


Damn I hated that too lol. Thanks for the tip.


Wow I have been using the site for years and didn’t know that.


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Sounds like we should maybe just make that the default behavior instead of an option.


One thing of note if you are doing that option…

Sometimes ratios when you click preorder it says quantity not available. If you aren’t going to the preorder page you aren’t 100% it was added.

Just food for thought.

Some sites I visit just have a window pop up confirming when something’s added. Something similar at TFAW would be perfect.

That’s not a bad idea. We already have a pop up if you try to add something you’ve already added, so a positive confirmation pop up instead of taking you back to the page (and then allowing people to disable that pop up if they get sick of it) could be a solution.



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Strange Academy #7

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@TFAW-Brendon How are regular back issues or new releases handled in regards to shipping with pre-orders? Can they be combined or will they always be 2 separate orders? Didn’t know if there was a way to time the purchase so they could be combined into 1 to save shipping.

They can not combine a preorder with a back issue order. It has to be two separate orders.

I only really worry about shipping costs if I am looking at stuff for the personal collection. Anything I am flipping I will be making shipping back with sales so I don’t worry about it. Even still I too wish you could combine shipping on pre-orders and back issues but whatever. I get it

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There’s a variety of reasons it doesn’t work. But the main one is that we don’t charge pre-orders until they come in and ship, and we charge in-stock purchases immediately. To be able to ship together we’d have to start charging pre-orders wheen they’re placed so they print on the same ticket, and with allocations, shortages, damages, etc. that would makee it a nightmare to deal with.

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