The App We All Love is At It Again


This was debunked before the rumor even started. Didn’t stop people from making some good sales on eBay.

Don’t “Collect” this “Krap”…

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Krap Kollector is an idiot

People need to do their own research and verify info before making a purchase. Putting out false info is pretty shady though.

That literally says “introducing the Mime”

I have always loved this issue. Have several copies of it. Never sold a one.

Welcome to the party @Anthony, you’re 4 months late… :wink:

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I have a bunch of these too not for Punchline

What? A guy can’t read old messages on his own forum and comment, even four months later?

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It really is a pretty cool cover… I liked it when it was new and still like it now. Just a good composition with good art.

I picked it up as a kid, loved the cover and character design, and have picked up other copies as time went on. It was never about the spec on it ether. Loved the mohawk on her.

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Such a character of the times! Punk and New Wave in their prime with so many copying the “look”… The 80’s was so freaking unique! I was a little young to fully enjoy it but I glad I lived through it!

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Is krap collector now recycling their sh!tty alerts? I’m certain they have alerted about this exact book, for this exact debunked bad spec once before.

No. There was no alert. I was going through old messages

I’m just hassling you… :wink: