The Autumnal #1

So … just finished reading The Autumnal #1. I thought it was an excellent issue. The first issue centers around a young mother and her daughter visiting a town that is a pure bliss of autumn. Definetly has a horror feel to it building up. I won’t add much more here, but honestly the story premise in issue #1 has some Children of the Corn, In the Mouth of Madness, and Stephen King-esque story-telling.


I can’t wait to read it! I picked up #1 and am going to read it after I finish a couple books.

Agreed, liked the first issue alot. I like the dynamic between the mother and daughter so far. The colors were awesome too, perfect timing for this comic to come out now in Fall as well. It was a very good ‘set the stage’ issue.

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Agree on the mother - daughter dynamics. The mood of the comic really brought me back to the original Children of the Corn movie. The ending made me go ‘say wha’?’ Curious about the back story with the woman’s mom.

I loved it. I ordered the B covers fir the next few issues.

The next couple of issues and the reprints of #1 can be pre-ordered Here

I added all the A covers. Really like the look and feel of the book. Puts you in the mood for fall. I didn’t realize the writer of this was Daniel Kraus who is a NYT Bestselling author.

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The Plot is what pulled me in to Vault Comics, this one was fantastic as well. I got lucky and my LCS had all the covers still the day after it was released. I also got another set ordered online coming at cover price. Prices have went up big time on Ebay.

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I like the Plot a lot too.

I would be careful with this book based on what is being said on KeyCollector.




Low $1


Mid $2


High $4




  • Against the haunting backdrop of autumn, a woman and her daughter flee a difficult life in Chicago for the quaint and possibly pernicious town of Comfort Notch, New Hampshire

  • Caution: Autumnal is displaying signs of potential market manipulation

  • Sales on eBay were in the $4 range two nights before the issue went onsale

  • The night before Autumnal went onsale, an issue sold for $30. This type of instant jump is often a sign of creating a perception of demand

  • Furthermore, the issue did not begin to sell immediately as would be expected for an in-demand book. There were 11 sales Wednesday in the $30 range with 60 copies listed for sale

  • Currently, there are close to 200 copies listed for sale which is an exceptionally high number while only 60 have sold

  • We are told that there had been speculation surrounding the scarcity of this issue prior to it going on sale. Compare Autumnal’s 260 copies bought and sold to another indie book released this week, ‘An Unkindness of Ravens’ which sold 50 copies at the time of this update with another 50 listed

  • Supply for Autumnal is outstripping demand which has already cut sold listings to $15 and will likely continue to do so until demand overtakes supply. Expect eBay listings to be removed soon

  • Reviews of Autumnal have been great across the board. Several members of the Key Collector team have read and enjoyed the issue while news sites are praising it. This is a recommended read but be cautious of current online prices. We’ve spoken to retailers and many still have inventory in their stores

Hmm. Wouldn’t say it was market manipulation. What I can say was when I listed my copies there was only higher priced copies for sale. So I listed mine. I think that is called “testing the waters” to see what the floor for prices were. Yes prices have come down. Going into Wednesday all the cheap copies had been bought up and there were no copies for sale. Come Wednesday morning prices were $30 and up. We talked about this on the main site.

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I like Key Collector but them warning others of market manipulation is hilarious.


I didn’t want to say it.


I know nothing about this book. It wasn’t on my radar. Just sharing what I saw with everyone.

It’s a very good first issue laying out the characters. Then surprise horro twist at the end.

I picked up a few copies at my LCS. I have not read it yet and would not pay over cover price for it. I just going to hold onto these for a bit and see what happens.

I already called this when it came out :smiley: :sunglasses:

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KCC is salty because they probably missed the boat on the book. Just like the JTC Spidey NYCC book. Yes people were overpricing a book before release and yes, no reason to pay $30-40 out of the gate when you know people will flood the market. But the book is getting good word of mouth. After the flood, copies will dry up and it will grow naturally.


When did Key Collector start having morals? They’re the king of pushing false information with a mix of market manipulation themselves. They have still yet to remove the “unofficial cameo of Black Winter” for SSB4 that the creators denied… f\/ckers…


I have no clue about any of that. I just shared what I saw in case it’s true so my fellow CHU brothers and sisters don’t get eaten up.

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Careful about what? I don’t flip. I collect. No worries here.

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