THE BATMAN teaser trailer

So Riddler tease at the end. Joker Thugs but no Joker cameo, Cat Woman, Penguin, and Hush?

Joker is not in the movie. Neither is Hush.

Catwoman and Penguin are in the trailer.

That suppose to be Nightwing in the eye liner?

No, geesh. Thats sparkly vampire man.

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Ugh, already pulled down.

official trailer up

This movie looks good. A Detective Batman in the Seven universe lol. I was iffy on this but I’m a Batman fan from Adam West days I’m def gonna see this.

I have to admit I was really worried about this flick with Pattinson being cast as Batman. I’m glad this trailer came out because DAMN it looks dark and intense!


What’s the book people are after with regard to this movie?

Pattinson is a great actor, in the truest sense of the word. He’s a master at his craft. If you can get past the Twilight films, he has a fairly stellar track record for his other performances. I think he is gonna be an iconic Batman, and that trailer looks badass. :smirk_cat::bat::grey_question:


I’ve always liked Pattinson, and he himself has said his hated his character in, “Twilight,” and found Cullen creepy. He’s been great in other stuff like that, “Good Times,” movie.

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The movie is apparently using THE LONG HALLOWEEN & BATMAN: EGO for the story. It might be loosely based on it, not a full on adaptation.

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From the movie pundits that I watch John Campea and such its loosely based on Long Halloween(Various criminals Mob serial killer) and Zero year( Batman new 52 Riddler has Gotham in a frenzy) which was batman’s early days at crime fighting. Books that Reeves used for reference if I remember correctly.


I thought it looked great. I personally have no issues with Pattinson. Great actor. Even all the hate on Twilight…think about what it/the film/the market was marketed towards. My wife watches those films every single time they come on TV.

He was amazing in “The Lighthouse” and other films. I personally can’t wait for the film.

I tend to think of all the hate “Joker” received…I thought that film was phenomenal.

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I’m not that crazy about the Batman uniform… looks a little… clunky…

I think the Batsuit will evolve over the course of s few movies.

I know it is just a trailer, but this flick my just knock The Dark Knight from its pedestal of “best live action Batman film” in my book.

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Yeah this looks like early batsuit. I’m not expecting perfection str8 out the gate. It looks good so far.

This is Batman’s 2nd Year. There’s always evolution of the suit.

Trailer looks good. But most trailers do. Will reserve judgement for when I see the film.