The Book of Boba Fett Specs

No discussion on this?

I am betting he meets up with Aurra Sing. Star Wars #7 (Dark Horse) is poised to go higher.

She is from pre clone wars and clone wars and is killed by the guy from Solo Tobias Beckett. So outside of flashback appearances with a child Boba it would have to be another Star Wars retcon.

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Yeah…the only way they could use Sing is if they come up with some Boba Fett ish explanation as to why she isn’t dead. She was killed in a push/fall with the death being canon.

My bets will continue to be on Cad Bane and Hondo Ohnaka. Characters created by Filoni and already pretty popular.

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Boba dad would make for some good drama, as well as an angry ex and disgruntled daughter.

Star Wars Tales 7 and Blood tales Boba Fett is Dead #2…assuming their names are Ailyn and Sintas Vel.

Books are already getting expensive and non-existent in the wild.

I love that term, Boba Fett-ish


For the book of Boba I would expect to see plenty off bounty hunters from Boba’s past…either to join up with him or to hunt him down. Maybe another Hut wants to take Jaba’s palace thinking Boba’s take over weakened its defenses. Also, since we saw a CGI Luke Skywalker maybe we will see a CGI Han Solo where Boba Fett is sent back into the Sarlacc Pit as seen in Star Wars vol 1 #81. The story and timeline would have to be re-worked a bit. That last one is a little far fetched though.

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Oh, just like Boba was killed when he fell?

You never see Boba actually accrue any injuries when he fell into the Sarlacc pit. You assumed that he died. We all know that assumptions make an…

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Assumptions make one look foolish. :wink:

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I grabbed about 10 copies of SWA 7 off this morning.

Come on. The belch from the sarlaac that immediately followed totally was confirmation of his death.


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Star Wars Adventures?


I’ve seen a couple posts/lists/articles that indicate Hondo being in Darth Maul #1 and #2?? I think they have gotten mixed up with Cad Bane maybe. I’ve looked through those two issues more times than I can count.

Are my old man eyes missing something? I sure don’t see Hondo in there? Where’s Hondo? :slight_smile:

All I see is this splash page from 2:

image image

Cameo at best.

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A first is a first of course of course…
even if it’s just called a cameo it’s a first…
that is of course, unless of course…
it’s some jackass wanting to discourse…

(sing in the Famous Mr. Ed tune… )

Yes, first. But I always like to go with the issue where the character actually does anything of interest. The Hulk 180 vs. 181 rule.

I see listings for #1 both current and sold stating Hondo’s first in it? Just not seeing it…maybe just regurgitation of incorrect info I suppose.
Thanks for spotting him #2 for me lol.

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