The Book of Boba Fett Specs

Speaking of assumptions, Tobias made an assumption. And you have only the words of the crook. At least we saw Boba actually falling into the pit!

“You’re Tobias Beckett. You killed Aurra Sing.”
"Pushed her. Pretty sure the fall killed her. "

―Lando Calrissian and Tobias Beckett

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Hondo? Is that like Lando and Han’s love child (adopted)?

Empire strikes back weekly UK #129. Boba Feet appearance. Gain some steam in the USA.

Boba Feet? is this a new Boba Fett-ish? Man I have been waiting to use that term. Sorry to Trent31, I know it was an autocorrect, but couldn’t wait to use it.

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Wow, man just looked on eBay and the price of that Empire Strikes Back Weekly is crazy.

The book cost $25 buck a month ago, now its $300 in poor condition. Its a real hard book to find and most are UK sellers.

Been thinking on this more. In terms of Fett Lore, the two most important figures in Boba’s life are Aurra Sing (and I do like the fact that we really don’t know for certain that she’s dead as @myrontay has stated) and Bossk.
Bossk essentially raised Boba. Bossk is a very cool character, great designs, established familiar “face”,and has bridging ties to Ezra, many other characters as well.
I’d love to see that micro grenade launcher in action.



I hope the black armor shows up so I can move my WOB Alpha 1:50’s. Nevertheless, this show will open up all kinds of possibilities for spec.


Heh…perfect timing. I just mentioned that there has been a distinct lull relative to SW stuff the last couple months in which if one to buy, it was the time.

Then this announcement and the corresponding “alerts” went out. Doesn’t mean we haven’t talked about the varied books ad nauseum, but it does mean the eye will be back on them.

I’m tempted to brain storm some speculative picks, but it’s all open and unknown right now. Could be Cad Bane, Ailyn Fett, Bossk, IG-88, Qi’ra, on, and on, and on. Who knows.


Yeah, i really don’t know that over the past several years we haven’t covered all the bases. Certainly a few surprises could remain but in terms of comic 1sts, covers, etc…I think I’m (and likely most of you) personally set.

For me outside of varied Fett associated books, I’ve bought up, invested most heavily in Cad Bane books. Always been a huge fan, love the look and given Filoni’s fondness/creation of him, I can’t imagine we won’t see him eventually.

Hopefully Embo makes an appearance. That’s the other bounty hunter I’m looking forward to seeing on them big screen.

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That would be cool. Chanath Cha, Deva Lompop, Death Stick. All of these would be welcome for me.

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Do you think high republic will be the next adaptation? There’s plenty of source material with the novels.

Acolyte is a High Republic Disney+ project.


Sounds interesting that they are going to be exploring the end of HR 1st, when the dark side was at it’s peak:

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Bounty Hunters. I am hoping for lots and lots of bounty hunters.

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Also, if they are exploring the underworld, maybe some Falleen Black Sun operations ala Prince Xizor, some Hutt council stuff. Grakkus the Hutt was around all the way through the sequels, so there’s that.


Oooh, maybe some Pykes?!

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