The Book of Boba Fett Specs

Alright everybody, I’m soliciting suggestions for spec picks here.

What I’m thinking of doing is providing a weekly Friday Book of Boba Fett comic spec article over on through the December 29 premiere of Book of Boba Fett. I’ll focus on a different couple characters each Friday and get to the bottom of their first appearances, first covers, origins, and key issues.

What we know from the show blurb is that Boba and Fennec will be navigating the underworld. So, I think it makes sense to focus on bounty hunters, criminals, rogues, smugglers, and scoundrels. Here’s my preliminary short list, but please throw out ideas and I’ll demystify their comic keys.

  1. Dengar,
  2. Bossk,
  3. IG-88,
  4. 4-LOM,
  5. Zuckuss (basically the ESB Executor bridge crew),
  6. Beilert Valance.

We all know now that with Lucasfilm’s PLO Koon Mandalorian Season 2 deep fake, it’s an almost futile act to try and guess what they will be showing us, but I though it would be fun to ponder and wonder.

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I can’t see them not using Valance.


A non Loony Tunes looking Jax could show up too. A lot of fans out there would like that.

black krrsantan, with rumor of wookie planet being in season 3 of mando. i could see some crossover use of him

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Cad Bane had some history with Boba, so a fair bet? (I get really confused with timelines but how about an old Hondo? Or Embo?)


It seems like a long shot, but if you’re running short on ideas, a little Sintas Vel and Ailyn Vel are possibilities. Even Boba needs a little love.

And how about Jango Fett…sure to be some flash backs to younger days.

hondo will most likely show up in ashoka show with ezra

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Well, we have 12 fridays until the premiere so:

1.Black Krrsantan;
2. Cad Bane;
3. Hondo;
4. Embo:
5. Vel girls;
6. Jango Fett;
7. Dengar;
8. Bossk;
9. IG-88;
10. 4-LOM;
11. Zuckuss;
12. Valance.

We can also keep brainstorming and add more, start lumping these together into articles. I’m just trying to get a sense about what you guys would like to read about in the ramp up to Book of Boba Fett! I’m excited to start researching and writing.


Piggybacking off of this, what about Mirta Gev? Timeline would fit, feels like there is a Remnant / Mandalorian war brewing, too.

Down is I don’t think she has any comic appearances, just sketches in SWI.

Interesting, but not sure the timing is right. Mandalorian is 9 years ABY. Sintas was born 33 yrs BBY. And Ailyn was born 15 BBY, and that would make her about 24 years old. Mirta was born 22 ABY, so not really fitting in this timeline.

Not that they have to follow this timeline, but I assume if they use the names they will likely have similar ages/roles.

Aurra Sing? Maybe in some flashbacks?



OMG!! I saw Aphra AND Deathstick! SELL SELLLLLL! #kcc

In all seriousness this show looks great!


I don’t think there is currently much to base this on, but the Ithorian does have similar coloration to some depictions of Dok-Ondar. His first comics appearance was in Galaxy’s Edge #1. Other than the fact that this Ithorian is similar color to Dok-Ondar, that’s about all the spec is based on. Disney has put a lot of stock in the character so far, though. He’s a major character in Black Spire Outpost’s history (Disneyland attraction) and in the Occulus games.

Take with a Boulder of salt, but that’s literally all the speculation I found in the trailer after having a day to think about it. That is, other than buying Boba Fett keys, but those are already expensive amirite!?


New Star Wars comic fan. Is anyone actually chasing these books for spec? Has the price already run on most books?

Maybe more importantly does the price hold after the first appearance?

For the longest (decades) time most Star Wars comics were not taken all that seriously. That started to change once Disney purchased the property. I think it is safe to look at any Star Wars comic spec as you would any other major franchise. The really popular first appearances will always be sought after but be wary of flavors of the month type spec.

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And to reinforce this, it really wasn’t until extremely recently that books got valuable. I could buy Heir to the Empire 1 all day every day back in 2015 for $2.


Yup, same experience. I still have 6 more after selling 1. Sent one to CGC and it came back a 9.6.

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I was Picking them out of long boxes for cover as late as 2019…

I sold so many Star Wars Tales 23, 24, old republic 42s…I was paying cover and selli g for $50+…then I finally got smart a started holding these old republic and SW Tales…realizing it wasn’t a flash in the pan anymore.

just 3 years ago you could buy darth vader #3 1:25 in 9.8 for 180-200

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