The Boys New King Of Comic Shows

You watch The Boys yet? Pretty amazing show with a unique point of view. Some saying the new top comic show dethroning Titans, Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol.

I was up late on Mel V’s youtube show. I would have watched otherwise. Will today though.

What makes it unique, @Alana?

Did they release it? Heck yeah I saw preview , def gonna watch

I was gonna watch it cause I love Karl Urban.

The atom diving full body inside a girls genitals. That brothel scene was something.

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Has anyone read the comic? Is it worth a read?

I’m generally all in with anything by Garth Ennis … I enjoyed the read from the get-go and it sold very well in the Shop just by word of mouth …

It’s shown from the view of people who’s lives were changed for the worst by super heroes. Also the Heroes are actually the bad guys as they are pricks and ran like a corporation. The super heroes have hundreds of deaths in collateral damage and keep it quiet and give their family’s settlements. So this guy is holding this girls hands on the sidewalk and a speedster runs right through her turning her into mush and lies and says she was in the street which she wasn’t and goes through the cover up and stuff like that. It’s really great I was expecting to be not that good I’ve never read the book it’s called The Boys and that title is a bad title really hides what the show/book is all about.

I read it up until the later issues.

It does sound good. :metal:

Watched it last nigh and it was everything I had hoped for.

I binged watched the first 5 episodes last night. Gonna finish up the remaining 3 tonight. I really like it.

I am up to episode 5 as well. It is really well done. Story is good too.

The scene with the baby in the hospital was silly and awesome at the same time… :slight_smile:

I collected and read the entire series from Dynamite. Classic Garth Ennis . Great read and a great show! I’m up to episode 5.

I got to dig out my Boys comics. Have at least the first 20 or so.

Anyone watched the new The Boys: Diabolical cartoons. They are pretty good. 1st cartoon is the best, especially if you grew up watching Looney Tunes.

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I’ve been letdown by this series. I mean it’s good but compared to the comic it’s trash.