The DrunkWooky 3.75" Action Figure!

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Here is a sneak peek of the DrunkWooky action figure coming later this year! It’s modeled by the awesome Bobaluga Studios!

We’ll be getting protoypes in the next week or so and testing out paint applications, then we’ll be doing a pre-order! We’ll be producing strictly to order!

I never thought I’d ever have my very own action figure, but here we go!


W…T…F… :slightly_smiling_face:

What made you come up with that idea ? Branding yourself out…? Protected IP ? Can you even use “wooky” or likeness ?

I’ll be buying some…

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For fun.


He’s doing satire so he’s all good. Looks fun!

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I agree kinda weird after you gave your website away? Why now and not before?

Ill VERY LIKELY order one to go with my sticker


See above: for fun.

You had me at “4 Amazing Points of Articulation!”

Wookiees don’t turn their necks for nobody!

It needs to come with a comic book


Or a nice back cover. Like the retro ones.

DrunkWoooky sitting back in a chair drinking his IPAs enjoying the sun

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Any variants ?

Make a prototype tie-dye variant!!!

What about a SoberWooky variant?

I could probably do that. Just paint the cans Coca-Cola colors.

Unpainted prototype.


That Wookie/Wooky is mad chill.


If you dont mind me asking, whats good paint for plastic? My son wants me to make him a Zelda tears of the kingdom master word replica. I am going to buy a regular sword and melt it to get the effect. But just wanted to know whats good paint for plastic as I will need to add details to it?

A lot of my experience with painting action figures stems from growing up painting Warhammer 40k models.

I usually spray prime with Army builder, Citadel Color, or Vallejo primers. They’re designed to spray on even and thin.

Priming also gives the next layers something to grab onto and makes it so you need less coats to cover.

Beyond that you really can get away with Walmart “Plaid” brand acrylics. They are just thicker than specialty model paints, but that can easily be fixed with a few drops of water. When paints are thick they tend to clump or spread less evenly. The specialty mode paints are more expensive and not very economically efficient for big projects.

Then at the end just make sure to seal it with a mat or gloss clear coat. Again Plaid brand has a cheap spray option. This is to make sure the paints don’t rub or wash off.