The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Spec

Time to start speculation in earnest for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I’ll start:

John F. Walker was revealed in Topps digital cards as a Captain America reminiscent of U.S.Agent.


Yes, he’s hired to be Captain America by the government…it doesnt last. I thought we all knew it was only temporary ?..


I saw that today! Got me pretty pumped!

That might be. I liked seeing how the costume ended up coming out, though. Not quite U.S.Agent not quite Cap.

Yep. That’s Thunderstrike! Bout damn time

So do we think that Thor 391 is going to explode?

I’m bearish on it. A new outfit does not necessarily a key issue make. That’s just my humble opinion, though.


Agree with you, I do.

Thor 391, 392, 459, Thunderstrike #1, and Thunderstrike #1 2011 will round out all your Thunderstrike keys

The most important thing from this picture with the vest is it probably confirms Echantress as the main villain for Love and Thunder since she would be apart of a Thunderstrike storyline or could just be a meaningless Easter egg.

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You know Marvel Studios picks small elements from storylines. I would not count on Enchantress being in the movie.

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Maybe there’ll be a scene where Thor decides to wear one of Starlords jackets but it doesn’t fit him so he rips off the sleeves and thats why he has that vest lol

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So Hasbro halfway released some new Marvel Legends info, and although we don’t have any images I DID notice something interesting…

I now believe that Doctor Doom may make an appearance in F&WS or be a cameo (similar to how Paul Bettany states there is a major cameo coming up.)

Obviously Doom’s first appearance and origin books are already very expensive… BUT perhaps part of this Multiverse of Madness will bring about Battleworld and Secret Wars? Spec on God Doom?

This also gives me more hope that Reed Richards will appear at the end of Wandavision.

That’s all I have.

Vision (Vietnam)
US Agent (Uruguay)
Winter Soldier (Wales)
What did they mean by this?

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Why is Vision in Vietnam outfit lol

I can only imagine that the story is a globe trotting adventure.

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I am the winter solider

I think those are the code names assigned to the characters for retailer pre-orders before characters in the wave are officially announced.