The Flash movie

I kinda liked his version but his real-world antics and stupidity are definitely taking away most if not all that past enjoyment. I think the guy needs some counseling.

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I thought he was gay. His victim is a woman ?

I believe they prefer to use they/them pronouns, and I’m not exactly sure of their attractions, Plus, oftentimes many people who pray upon minors will pray upon boys AND girls because it’s more about the power than it is any kind of orientation.

It’s just one big right mess isn’t it?


Just wondering how long he will remain in public doing the things he does, before someone realizes that he is a serious serious problem just waiting to happen?

Nooooo… Just keep letting him out with all his prior wonderful activities until he kills himself or someone else… I certainly don’t see a problem occurring in the future.

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If you click the link and watch him dancing in the bar, just know that’s how every bar is in Hawaii 3 guys dancing on the dance floor and a empty establishment :joy:


Imagine playing the worst on screen iteration ever of a beloved DC character then thinking your Johnny Depp because of it. Smh. Ezra needs to be blacklisted.

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No problem with the pronoun choices - just trying to understand the facts in the article. Hopefully if its a mental issue, he/them gets help; if its a criminal issue, he/them gets the book.

This is apparently the victim’s response about the allegations.

no way that was written by an 18 year old

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Could be !
I will say that kids today are more mature and confident than kids (including myself) of my generation. There is a flip side to it also. I wouldnt hazard a guess on the distribution.

Oh, wasn’t saying you had any issue, lots of folks just don’t know that Ezra prefers those pronouns. Regardless of their gender they are clearly acting in alarming ways.

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I would lean the other way and say kids are less confident these days, and were victims of an ignored, gutted education system. Kids are just forced to lose their ‘innocence’ at an earlier age due to the saturation of social media and the internet, making them seem like they are older/matured than their developing mind actually is, imo.


:100: :100: :100:

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You missed the part where I wrote ‘there is a flip side to it’, and regarding ‘the distribution’. I guess it depends on the kids you observe and interact with. I am not qualified to get in to discussions of ‘forced to lose their innocence’ and how their minds develop. I do agree that the education system, social media, internet, etc. play a part amongst many things in shaping their minds.
I dont think the education system is gutted, I think its evolving. Even regarding the education system, I see for the most part they are more exposed to real world, practical, relatable content than my generation was. Good thing, bad thing, I dont know - wish I was exposed to teaching that way

Not pushing any theories here, just my observations.


All I know about kids these days is they need to stay off my lawn!

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As a millennial, I think so too.

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Scary, ain’t it? If you speak out against it, your considered an extremist.

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Against what ? Who is considered an extremist ? And why ?

Let’s get back on topic as this one is drifting…

I just hope the movie is good with all this drama surrounding it.