The Future of DC Films

In what seems to be a whimper instead of a bang (compared to Disney’s investors stream), DC has announced the future of its films:

Highlights include:

Batgirl and Static Shock movies will be on HBO Max.

We already knew about the Peacemaker spinoff, but there will also be a spinoff series out of The Batman movie.

Earth 1 and Earth 2 Multiverse will be a thing in both films and Max.

The Batman is not part of the DCEU.

Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will both return as Batman.

This was just announced? None of my things that alert me to hot comic-book news went off. Odd.

It’s DC… it’s already dead on pre-arrival… :wink:

Hey now, the Static Shock stuff could be good. They have some solid comics and a stellar animated series to draw inspiration from.

Yeah but they’ll ruin it like they do with every DC film… :wink:


Announced through the New York Times of all things. Other outlets are slowly picking it up, but so far, no reactions. I really think something like this should’ve been announced in a hype trailer or a special HBO Max video.

That’s the Gotham Central show, isn’t it? Meh.

If it is, “Law and Order,” but with Batman’s villains it could be good.

Did someone say Law & Order? My favorite all time show ever… the original as well. All the spinoffs I don’t care for.

Why do you think DC movies are so bad? Marvel figured it out. Why can’t DC?

Gotham Central is one of my all time favorite comics. I would love to see what they do with that.

I watched Wonder Woman 1984 though and I hated it. I don’t even know what DC is thinking on their movie front. It’s ridiculous that you would eve have to rerelease different cuts of movies but that seems to be their thing now.

I think they got stuck from the Nolan era. Those movies were great, but unfortunately, DC has tried to recreate them ever since. Once Nolan left, they thought Snyder would replicate the success. Instead, he went full dark and edgy simply for the sake of dark and edgy.

They need a complete revamp, shake away that DC dark mentality, and embrace their positive stories.

I think the Harley Quinn show is what they should be doing. Self aware, hilarious, but also paying homage to what has been there before. Doom Patrol is fantastic as well. Hilarious but serious at the appropriate moments.

They need to channel that energy into their films to get out of their rut.

Poor writing, poor acting, characters that people can’t relate to… honestly I’ve been mostly a Batman fan and even now I can’t even get into the comics of his they’re pumping out. Maybe it’s like they’re trying too hard to best Marvel. Instead, focus back on the characters themselves and why people fell in love with them long ago… and FFS, don’t cast people like Ben Affleck as Batman…


I’d argue that only the only Nolan Batman movie that wasn’t bad was The Dark Knight. But I could just be a Batman/DC hater. Hard to tell.

I have heard good things about Doom Patrol but haven’t been able to check it out yet.

I haven’t watched it yet myself but it’s a shame to see almost everyone say it’s just lame, considering the first one was probably the best DC movie to date (besides the original Keaton Batman films and Bale’s Batman trilogy). Other than that, most DC movies I wait to watch when they hit Netflix…

Doom Patrol, Titans, and Swamp Thing were all good… I don’t know why they thought releasing them on their own platform would be a good idea.

Nolan Batman movies were cool. I agree that Affleck was a mediocre batman. I also thought Ledger would be a terrible Joker but I was wrong so I gave Affleck a chance.

Geoff Johns writes some of my favorite comics but it’s clear he is a better writer than publisher or CEO or whatever his current title is.

This makes me nervous for the Rogue Squadron movie…

It wasn’t just lame it was my least favorite DC movie ever, and I liked the first one. I am baffled by the fact that it had high scores from the critics pre release. It’s like they were watching a different movie.

It was absolutely terrible.

Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot 10 of 10

Kristen Wiig 10 of 10

Movie plot 1 of 10

Movie 3 of 10

Van Halen songs 0 of 10

Linda Carter scene Priceless

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Why, cause Patty Jenkins is directing/writing? Consider this, she wrote the movie Monster with Theron and that movie was great. So I’d treat it like Tom King perhaps… he’s great on the mini-series and other chracters but sucked writing Batman… probably the same type of scenario… and as she got credited for writing WW84, there were other writers as well that get equal blame as well…