The Generative AI Thread

I see a lot of you posting your creations in a variety of other threads and figured why not dedicate a thread to GAI?

I’ve been dabbling quite a bit with all of the tools available to us. Some of you know, I’m a producer/director and I really want to get a grasp on what GAI will be in my industry. I have a weekly live comic book show called Comic Book Cannon on YouTube. It’s literally below the quality of cable access TV, so don’t judge. That being said, I’ve created a completely AI character as an added personality to our show. His name is Chet GeePoT and here is how I created him:

Midjourney- created his complete look in this tool. At first he was teenage boy, but decided to age him up by 30 years and have his setting be in a comic book shop.

ChatGPT- I use this for his scripts. I give a basic direction of what I want him to talk about and make sure he is mean and snarky…because that’s his personality. He’s a complete d*ck.

Play.Ht- I used this for his audio. I upload his script into this tool and output his script read. He already has a voice I use. That being said, I have a free trial membership, but won’t be paying the $99 a month to continue. I’ll find another tool. I upload the audio here and this tool animates whatever image I want of his to his script read.

This absolutely fascinates me. I’m just getting started with this and I’m really excited to see where it all goes. You can check Chet out at the link below. We posted his NCBD segment from the show as a Short. I’d love to see what you all are working on.

Is this a parody on the Economics In Comics guy ?

It’s not intentionally. Do they look alike? Wasn’t my intention at all to single someone out and make fun of them. What’s the similarity?

Body type, sound effects, similar style of presentation.

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btw, my wife uses Midjourney for work and side-projects and loves it.

Just checked out Economics, I don’t think they’re similar, but again don’t want to feel like we’re singling someone out.

It’s insane what you can create on there. Once more people get into it, this will explode.


How far off until I can input some words about a story I’m interested in reading and a comic is produced? It would be like reading a new story on demand. Then, I would never need to buy comics.

You can create a script for a comic book and have it “drawn” in Midjourney now. People are already selling children’s books on Amazon this way.

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I’m a little wary of instances where AI is used to create images based on the work of artists who weren’t compensated or allowed to opt out. I know this is a Debbie Downer comment, but it’s already tough to make a living in art and I wonder how AI will affect human artistic pursuits in the coming decades.

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This is such a valid point. The recent Drake and The Weekend collaboration all written and produced by AI is similar to this. Those artists were not a part of it at all, but they have no legal claims to it. A lot has to be figured out very soon.


The eyes are no where close. This one is way creepier. Which I like. Great work.

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I was actually thinking the same thing. One thread got hijacker’s a bit (likely my fault) and figured it’s be best to have a place to just share creations as long as they are within forum guidelines.

Beat me to it!

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Nah, wasn’t a race. I truly look forward to seeing what we all can produce. Those Boba Fetts and Mandos were top notch and creepy.

We got Chet on tonight at 8pm ET challenging my co-host to a breakdancing competition.

I also want to know some different approaches and methods. I’ll always be learning here!

I personally am terrified of ai, as an artist myself art is already a pretty challenging field to make a living off of , ai makes it even more challenging because so many companies are just going to go the cheaper route of generating ai rather than pay an artist. Hell yesterday I saw store exclusives using ai generated art for the variant. Another big issue is how ai indiscriminately steals from tons of different artists, often without permission to generate the art. A big example is Kim Jung Gi whose art was fed into an ai generator to replicate his art just after he died.

I do think new emerging technology can be good and exciting and im not fully against ai but because of how our capitalist society works it doesn’t matter how good or talented an artist is because companies are just going to cut corners for the sake of not paying artists, when earning a living doing the arts is such a struggle.


I’m worried we are advancing way too fast with AI without understanding it. I feel like we’re the scientists in Jurassic Park. Things didn’t end well there.

I’m saying this as someone who loves technology and such too.


AI can generate a hell of a cheeseburger!

And it’s probably helpful when you need to populate a bunch of Mandalorians in different armor:


ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! What did you prompt with?


Saw a news story about how we’ve got AI simulating the voices of folks for scams. I love technology but this is moving way too fast with way too little control or concern for consequences. Makes me nervous.

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