The horror, the devestation, say it isn't so!

Damn. Hope that wasn’t your local chicken spot. Have to say the fire must have burned for days with all the oil.

It’s not local but within driving/short detour distance for trips through NC. KFC is always a highlight of a trip out for special occasions. (Fried Chicken emoji here)

I keep wanting to get one of those fancy pressure cookers for oil just to give it a try at home but that video reminds me why I should ignore advise from grandma about using the regular one not designed for oil. :bomb:

I hear we have a Hardee’s chicken fixin alumi on staff that may be able to confirm but it always looks to me like they’re just dropping chicken in hot oil like french fries there making the skin too hard and the inside too dry if they don’t get it perfect which isn’t what underpaid undermotivated teens are known for accomplishing regularly. :man_cook:

For every lot a KFC takes up, we could have a lot full of trees. Let them all blow up in glorious fashion I say… the world will be better off without fast food joints!

and 455,000 potential customers left without a job. Not to mention the drop off on the supply side jobs as well.

Factor in the millions on top of that that would be too depressed to want to read comics. :cry:

Id have to say a huge % of those employees are under 18 still living with mom and pops…

Yes, a good chunk of the target market for the comic market’s future. 16 and up range, most in need of extra income for comics. Plenty of adults as well.

Once you step outside of the main restaurant’s after school hours employee % numbers there’s who knows how many others dependent on income for stuff that it takes to run the restaurant.
Construction workers, electricians, plumbers and such building the buildings.
Farmers raising the chickens and all the ingredients for all the other goodness from those delicious half ears of corn on a stick drizzled in yummy butter like substance to those baked beans. The sugar for all those sodas.
Paper and plastic producers from loggers and miners to factory workers.
Truck drivers transporting all of these parts from one destination to another until the end products get to your local pick-up place.
That’s not even factoring in the extra revenue they provide the communities they’re in. Most people get take out and most localities charge a higher meal tax for those orders. That funding goes to improve almost every aspect of life in your local comminuties and at a far greater percentage than even plain sales tax which in my area is only 1% of the total sales tax going to local. ALL of the meals tax does!!! Teacher raises, more police, better firefighting equipment, better streets, fixing the decaying water and sewer infrastructures, etc……

Has anyone seen one of those combo restaurants combining KFC with Waffle House?

There’s 3 empty buildings across the street in a prime spot to knock down and put up a combo restaurant. :waffle: :chicken:

Trees would be better to place there after they knock down the buildings… More trees, less buildings.

You know tree’s are bad for people right?

So are people. What’s your point :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s your point :slightly_smiling_face:

To entertain, educate and communicate as always!!!

I was a licensed Certified Master Water Well Systems Provider for my parents well drilling company back in the 00’s decade. Basically a licensed well driller, pump installer and water treatment life. NGWA tests and all that stuff.

With the drought conditions/water shortage conditions the last few decades prevalent, studies have shown that the ground water levels don’t begin to recover until the leaves are off the tree’s. With several recent years having extended Falls and early Springs it’s made it even more of a problem. More tree’s in developed areas equals less potable water for humans to drink.

The great grand parents put a lot of money into installing sidewalks. Then they turned their backs on those evil trees and let people plant them in the 5 foot gaps between the street and the sidewalks and more on the house side within reach of the sidewalk where now we find ourselves with horrible unpassable conditions where the tree roots have jacked huge chunks of concrete up in the air, broken others and generally made the town look bad while making it unsafe to walk or play on the sidewalks in some cases making walking in the street the only option.

Ones too close to houses have jacked up and cracked foundations, broken into basement walls, invaded sewer and septic lines and are always subject to dropping limbs or falling onto the houses or vehicles.

Tree’s attract lightning getting people hiding from the rain under them killed and taking out my 12" black and white tv with my Atari 2600 as a kid!!! :cloud_with_lightning:

Assuming KFC is no longer a source for chicken, then since chickens can make short flights up into tree limbs it makes it hard for humans to catch them running around with a stick when the tree’s keep getting in the way and providing refuge.

Tree’s have a place, they should live out in the wilds with more of their own kind in what’s called a forest. It’s a good safe place for them. They are not suited for life on a downtown main street type life!!! That’s where the KFC’s and Waffle houses should live. Allow that to happen and the next thing you know they’re getting turned into paper to make a Second Printing of something causing unnecessary stress to Alana.

Would the rain water have an easier time getting to the water table if there is a concrete building and paved parking lot, or if there is leaves on the forest floor? :thinking:. Maybe we plant the trees where the KFC was, and hire those employees to clean the forest floor so the water can properly/naturally drain into the water table? If we continue to destroy the Earth with the excuse that it is ‘good for business’, then it wont matter how much potable drinking water there is…

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The roots pull the water up into the canopy where it evaporates. Without the KFC, there’s no meals tax to pay those employees anything, State Federal or Sales Tax either on their salaries and purchases.

Tree’s have their place, it’s not on downtown main street.

Continuing today’s theme, meet THE MURDER TREE!!!

I want to remind you that 2-3 million years ago we depended on those same trees for shelter from Preditors, Those same trees provided Clubs for our neandrathal brothren to beat our women over the head with and other men. If lightning hadnt struck those trees and created fires we wouldnt be eating KFC and if the trees wernt close then we wouldnt have wood to make those houses that sit on that Concrete slab that most call a foundation.

We still depend on them for some good now too. Remember when GI Joe loaded up their tanks and cannons with apples to kill that giant paramecium thing using the rat poison found in apple seeds? Those were from tree’s kept in orchards though instead of between the sidewalk and the street though!!! :apple:

Im not so sure that canopy evaporation is that big of a problem with The temperate forests of N.America. I believe that would only be an issue with tropical rain forests.

And we could build pathways in these nature zones and have a farmers market there. Give the chickens something to do.

Chickens have plenty to do on the ground … they need to eat all the bugs, mice, snakes in my Yard so they dont get in the house.

A single mature oak tree can consume (transpire) over 40,000 gallons of water in a year. That’s roughly the drinking water needed by 110 people consuming about 1 gallon a day each over a year.

Not a problem in places where there is excess runoff and oversaturation but moreso in regions prone to drought conditions like much of the South suffered thru from the late 90’s thru the early 00’s. In VA in one year over 40,000 bored wells failed leaving people desperate for water and I ended closing my business to drill 80 hours a week for my parents well drilling company.

And we could build pathways in these nature zones and have a farmers market there.

Has a nice park area dropped in the middle of a developed area ever been considered a safe place to be at night? Even here in a small town they all have closed at dusk signs trying to keep the violence and drugs and chaos out of them. Space much more useful after dark as a Waffle House serving some meals to those of use who want to go out and be where the lights are shining and a few cameras are watching. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

Now you have me thinking about adding waffles and chicken to the popcorn for Saturday nights CHUathon of Con Marvel announcements and spec discussion.

I wonder if there’s a way to take a chicken finger, wrap it in a waffle, coat it with a breading of crumbled buttered popcorn and deep fry it like those fried Oreo’s with a side of dipping syrup? :exploding_head:

Just look at how many trees my son is eating !