The horror, the devestation, say it isn't so!

The problem isn’t just a tree consuming so much water. Trees provide so much more. They suck up CO2, they create oxygen.

The problem is the world is overpopulated and it wasn’t designed to handle 8+ billion people and a KFC or some other mini-strip mall on undeveloped land.

We’re killing our own oxygen supply. There is not PLANetB… gotta take care of the one we got. There’s nothing more to discuss really, there’s a bigger picture to take into an account.

The ecosystem that evolved on earth was designed to support life. The problem with humans is we are not building our new ecosystem that benefits everything else that lives on earth, it only benefits us humans. Humans are like a virus that consumes it’s host, the only problem is we’re dumb enough to kill the only host available.

The flaw in n that logic’s is that a huge portion of our oxygen comes from plankton, not trees. Trees are better at scrubbing the CO2

Oh I know… but nevertheless, even in small quantities, the amount we are destroying is making an impact globally.

Ocean is by far the biggest oxygen producer and we’re killing it too…

A quick look up claims: “Half of the world’s oxygen is produced via phytoplankton photosynthesis. The other half is produced via photosynthesis on land by trees, shrubs, grasses, and other plants.”

So yeah, cutting down trees is still a really bad idea if you want to keep earth healthy. Earth is unbalanced now due to human activities. It’s not just fact, it’s just common sense.

Tree’s biggest contributor is the rainforest area’s so I’m all for keeping KFC out of the rain forests and tree’s off the center corner of downtown’s main street where a KFC should be.

It seems like we’ve doubled the population of the planet in my life time but we haven’t figured out an affordable way to double the water supply yet.

It seems like if we should be cutting anything down it should be the birth rates. I’ve done my part!!! I plowed a lot of fields safely so no crops grew!!!

No matter what you do , we are killing the planet in some form or fashion. The answer to your " To little Water " problem is simple - desalination. Sure the by product kills all fish in the area but shoot, who needs those fish with all that Mercury anyways ?

It can take up to 30 years for an Oak tree to reach maturity. In Canada, we have quite a few trees, mature Oaks and the like, and our abundance of fresh water lakes does not seem to mind. Im also fairly confident that any problem associated with a lack of potable water should not be solved by cutting down trees. Maybe we stop dumping in carcinogens into our abundance of fresh water.

Its not the parks fault if the area is dangerous for its citizens, at nighttime. That is a much larger problem that mostly deals with socioeconomics and the massive wealth gap.

Id rather be outside with a grill and an open flame, with fresh air. To each their own. :beers:

Medical technology is partly to blame. Half of people should probably have died during childbirth and a huge portion of those births should have killed the mother as well.

Perhaps though we should hand out more condoms and birth control, might help. We all know abstinence doesn’t do jack!

But building more KFC’s and other non essential buildings that promote to the organic ecosystem is not helping at all. That’s why I say just keep trees or plant more.

I dont know what ur talking about … those KFCs are killing people faster now days with all them fats and triglycerides and additives and soda … have you not seen a picture of me ?

A typical American uses 80 to 100 gallons of water a day, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The entire country consumes about 323 billion gallons per day of surface water and another 84.5 billion gallons of ground water.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for future affordable desalinization but that creates a whole new set of problems, namely what to do with the brine and other concentrated amounts removed from the water. You think nooone wants a dump opening up in their backyard or a prison across the street, try getting people to be happy to see pipe lines, tankers and train loads of brine residuals arriving.

I thought for a while the recycling thing was good but most of that plastic we thought was getting recycled ended up in pressed cubes dumped in third world countries, not turned back into new products.

Yesterday I was reading about the number of military bases who lack safe groundwater due to fire fighting foam usage.

All those cars need tons of products and I replaced some wells in areas where gas station fuel tanks had been leaking. Talk about bad working conditions.

Up the road the state hospital was dumping dry cleaning chemicals into the ground for over 100 years.

Are you sure? I would have swore about 10 to 12 years ago there was a big stink because new laws made them switch to a harmless type of oil for frying that didn’t make the product taste as good. Even if the product isn’t health food, I eat PB&J 6 to 7 days a week so there’s 0 cholesterol in at least half my diet now so I’m allowed to splurge once in a while for something with. I just switched to sugar free beverages a couple months ago. Debating on pulling the trigger for sugar free jelly but why do they always make things that are supposed to be better for you more expensive than the one’s they say aren’t?

That sure reads like KFC is trying to be better.

U can say its good fat all u want, but my laziness and thier cooking has made me over weight. The extra helpings of gravy and soda dont help !

That’s one of the main reasons for unhealthy America… the liquid sugar calories. I must admit, I absolutely love Root Beer and Dr. Pepper but years ago I swore from drinking it as I use to drink way too much.

Nowadays I treat myself to a root beer once or twice a month at most. Occasionally a Dr. Pepper but I just stick to water and coffee 98% of the time nowadays and coffee I’ve been cutting back on as well.

Crystal Light has some no sugar flavor packets that one is the perfect amount for a 2 liter bottle filled with water the tree’s didn’t get. Mom brought me two new ones to try today along with a diet orange Sunkist which isn’t bad and another of the Walmart brand diet Mountain Dews. Presweetened Kool-Aid for adults. I usually drink very little beverage at KFC but if I’m not careful I overdo the sides. Baked beans, macaroni and cheese, half corns, mashed potatoes and gravy and a side of popcorn chicken to go. I don’t go often enough so I never get to try their other menu items, always the 2 piece chicken with extra sides or the bucket to go. I just wish I had the teeth for extra crispy. Looks like Original Recipe for the rest of the ride.

Have you seen the ingredients list? Might as well just drink soda.

Crystal Light also contains aspartame which has shown to “induces cancers of the liver and lung in male Swiss mice".

It also contains calcium phosphate. Excess phosphorus intake due to an overconsumption of these beverages can lead to osteoporosis and kidney problems.

Those are a few of the “you should just avoid ingredients”… read more here:

Also, do you have to be so passive aggressive in your responses? "Water the trees didn’t get… " If you’re trying to be funny, well, you’re not.

In all seriousness, I thought that was rather funny. It put a honest to goodness smile on my face. :+1:

Wheres a picture of a cute cat saying MeWOW when u need it

That’s what emoticons are for if you’re trying to make a funny. Maybe I took it the wrong way but BJ does seem to have a habit of “continuing to kick the dead horse long after it’s been dead” on some topics… Maybe it would have been a little funnier about 6 hours ago.

@agentpoyo. Have you considered some light reading to relax? :rofl:. Jokes, Poyo. :wink:

I could go for a Snickers… :wink:

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