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Mando talk.

Theories as to who The mysterious figure is who appeared at the end of episode 1 (season 2 premiere)?

Boba Fett. He wants his armor back. :grinning:


My theory to…but seems too obvious.

its already been confirmed, its following the book from Aftermath of Return of the jedi.


Although it is the actor who played Jango Fett…and given his age, likely not one of the clone army…but one who aged naturally…or was cloned later.

Reading that now…must track down this book…

it explains how the jawas get his armor and who the Marshall is.

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Someone wake up @Alana …she’s the one who was adamant that Boba Fett dies in the Sarlacc, and that was that. She’s gonna be so pissed!!

Should be fun watching how his impacts Star Wars 42 and 68 the next few weeks…They already got a boost in the off season…

Haven’t watched the episode yet but saw this today looks like Sabine on the toy and Darth maul

Supposedly we will find out more about how Boba survived the pit later in this season.

Reading up on the Dark Sabre…seems as though it has something to do with Darth Maul and Sabine Wren…I’m so far behind on SW lore…

I assume spoilers are ok…but…alert anyway.

Sabine has used and is trained with the Dark Saber so makes sense to have her on the package. The saber is such a cool item in the mythos…love seeing it.

I see no reason for the figure at the end to “not” be Fett… He’s cloned from Jango and obviously should look like him. The age would be appropriate. They didn’t have to bring Morrison back for the role otherwise. Too much money and appeal to not have Boba back in the saddle ultimately.

Loved the inclusion of the Krayt Pearl…nice job with a small thing that is a big deal in lore.

Always wondered how vibro blades and axes would appear in combat? Now we know…very cool.

Jabba obviously fed his Gammorean Guards a bit too well.

Made me smile to see an R5 unit on screen. Apparently no bad motivator on that one. Another fun nod.

The best source of info and amazing entertainment with regards to the saber comes from the Clone Wars show. Just amazing stuff imo. I know it takes time to watch them…but worth every second.

The saber is critically important to Mandalorians.

I just need to be honest with everyone and admit I never finished the first season. I liked what I saw, I just get distracted by other shows easily. I need to catch-up…

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Cool figure and the only one made this far relative to the saber. Made in 2009.
Price shot through the roof of course.
Even the loose saber sans figure is costly.
If you ever see him in your hunts snag him.

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Must be that thing pulled out from the carcass…looked like a big marble.

@D-Rog Yep…

Biggest deal is that they can be different colors and then are used as a component in the construction of lightsabers. Lots of mythos relative to that part of it.

“The city of Calodan on the forest planet of Corvus,” says Bo-Katan. “There you will find Ahsoka Tano.”

Is Clone Wars #1 about to blow up again?


I can only speak for myself… I couldn’t care less about that book.

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