This will make Disney turn up the heat on Disney+

Amazon closes $8.5 billion deal to acquire MGM (

Bezos’ resemblance to '60s Blofeld seems fitting.

Disney (DIS) stock hitting new 52 week lows today.

The parks are all opened up no Covid restrictions.
Movie theaters are open and showing the big blockbusters no restrictions.
Cruises are open for biz.

But Wall Street and investors are not showing any love… :thinking:

Next earnings May 11th scheduled should be interesting to see who they blame for lackluster stock price :rofl:


I can tell you who is to blame…

And Im glad their stock is tanking.


Let’s imagine if Warner Brothers Discovery (WBD) can get it together and make some good movies to compete with Disney


DIS with the ~76 PE ratio and ~187 Enterprise Value / Free Cash Flow. I don’t see them reaching 2018 net margins for a long time with the consumer spending slowdown.


Netflix earnings news has put all the streaming services in the hot seat today.

“…it lost subscribers for the first time in more than 10 years.”

Because Netflix doesnt have good stuff anymore…


Disney isn’t what it used to be.I don’t think Disney can capture the magic that it once used to have.Many of their stuff is too political.They don’t have the universal innocence appeal like they once did.


Jupiter’s Legacy… :rofl:

That was probably the last time I opened the Netflix app when Jupiters Legacy came out

I havent watched any comic-related shows on Netflix for years… they all amount to crap.

I want to watch new movies. But all they have are foreign limited series nowadays.

Sorry, I have the time for a 2hr or less movie…not an 8-12 hour foreign show, that might waste my time.

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I watched the 2 seasons of The Witcher… everyone loves that show.

I just couldn’t get into it.

Also the Kevin Smith He-Man show oofff no thanks

Raising Dion I am sticking with it.

I like the cast and story. I liked season 2


I do watch the Witcher and Stranger Things. Thats about it for “shows” on Netflix.

I don’t like how they charge more and are doing 2 parters to try to keep people subscribed longer.

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There’s probably a recession right around the corner will hit this summer. With all the inflation will be hard for any company to exceed earnings of pre Covid.


A recession is coming…


No doubt a normal family is not gonna pay for 5+ streaming services AND cable/internet bills/cell phone…

Some services gonna get the boot.


Curious regarding recessions and comic investing/speculating

Might be worth a new topic.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts regarding this.