This will make Disney turn up the heat on Disney+

Makes me wonder if we’re for sure getting DP3 news at sdcc, also Logan is probably one of the best comic movies ever

Disney shareholders not that happy today after earnings… only bright spot are the parks… streaming not so much.

New yearly lows hitting today sub $90 a share.

Their stock will keep dropping. Just like Bitcoin…


FTX really putting a hurting on Crypto market which in turn forces people to dump other assets like stocks and commodities etc…

Thats what bear markets do… :bear:

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FTX is dead now. But thats what you get for buying into crypto…


Old PGX slabs allegedly have more storage of value vs some Cryptos currently :thinking: :rofl:

BUT I would rather own crypto than WhatNot Exclusives :grin:


Just ask Alana…

Streaming is the bright spot actually. Macro is not.

Disney+ Adds 12 Million Subscribers, but Cites ‘Peak Losses’ - The New York Times (

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Disney shocker: Robert Iger to return as CEO, Bob Chapek ousted - MarketWatch


Interesting move.

Guess this loss will sting

I just don’t understand some of these movie companies (not just Disney).

Who actually gave this movie/project the greenlight? I could have told you from the trailer it would be a stinker.

They really must all just sit around in an echo chamber when they discuss this stuff.


Legit didn’t even know this movie existed till I saw a trailer for it for black panther 2 this past weekend


Disney, by their usual standards, did not promote this AT ALL.

Disney now has to deal with an activist who has started a 9.4 million share position in the last couple of months. Trian/Nelson Peltz has a track record as an activist.

Procter and Gamble (PG) was one his biggest proxy fight and the company did turn around after he got involved from 2016 until they exited this position in May 2022. You can check out the stock performance of PG in that time period.

Here is a link to Trian press release with some reasons why they should elect Peltz on the board:

This battle might be better entertainment than any of the recent MCU movies/shows :popcorn: :rofl:

These type of financial activists are typically cancer to society, goal is to shift businesses from the long term to the short term and then sell out.


It all depends on what side you are on.

Disney brass does not want him on the board and they will try to convince shareholders to vote no.

BUT if you are a Disney shareholder and your position is down you might say hey can he do worse than what the current board has done last 10 years. :man_shrugging:

Society and shareholders are not one and the same. Cancer for society even if shareholders come out ahead, if America is a long term country we will need long term companies that bring in foreign income. These activists destroy long term for short term benefits.

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What a mess. He’s plead not guilty and is innocent until proven otherwise, of course. Still a PR fiasco for Rick and Morty and his High on Life game I have admittedly been enjoying.

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Oh boy…Even if not true or overexaggerated in today’s climate this will stick around for a long while. If it is all true, it might be the end of Rick and Morty…as we know it anyway.