This will make Disney turn up the heat on Disney+

I’m withholding any opinion until more facts come out. Look how big a mess Depp and Heard’s case was, after all.

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Well…where there is smoke there’s usually some smoldering ashes…maybe not quite a fire…

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“During Thursday’s hearing, Roiland’s attorney confirmed there is a plea offer available to Roiland, but did not discuss details.”

I see where this is going. Defendant agrees to plead guilty to a minor offense that includes only a fine, and pays Jane Doe an undisclosed amount if she signs a non-disclosure agreement. Court documents are to remained sealed for X years.

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You used a Simpson’s meme discussing Rick and Morty! You crazy!

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Sometimes there’s just a crazy b*tch.

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Potential plea deal for quick cash?..“If” that turns out to be the case I am more on his side than hers.

Imagine him using the annoying morty voice in court

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It might be something like this.
(1) Rick and Morty State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen - YouTube

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No surprise here with these vieweship stats

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No surprise at all.
The Boys is leaps and bounds over Marvel series (and movies lately)

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Wednesday on Netflix also more enjoyable than any of the Dis+ shows…

They can’t say people dont support female led shows.

Unless we talking Velma on HBO oofff :rofl:

Velma is terrible, I am a huge Scooby Doo fan and happen to love Velma as a character. Needless to say my wife said it can’t be that terrible, so I showed her the first 10 minutes and she said she was sorry she doubted me, she never apologizes to me.


I did give it a real try I warched 3 episodes but cant I tapped out. I did see you mention something about it and that was a red flag.

Congrats on the apology enjoy it! At least Velma was good for that :grin:

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My wife and I have enjoyed some of Mindy Kaling‘s other shows a little bit so I’m curious about, “Velma.” Lots of bad reviews tho, from everyone.

The issue is it is a Scooby Doo show. There are a ton of racial comments and things that don’t make sense. Scooby is being introduced to the show, as an African American woman. It’s funny they made a cartoon for adults but then make fun of adults who watch cartoons. Over all just a bad show, even if it was not related to the Scooby Doo mythos. And the thing that I love the most are the ton of Indian women who have come at Mindy about making Indian women look dumb or as losers.


Why is anyone paying for Disney+ ???

This link wants me to sign up for something to read it.

weird. I am able to read it just fine, for free

Dunno. I can’t get past this screen.

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