Thor 19 a dud… I guess 20 now?

Well, Thor 19 didn’t even have a cameo of the potential God of Hammers. Unless I flat out missed it flipping through it at the shop. I guess it’s now wait and see if #20 is the spec. Cates can drag this out, though lol.

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Is the God of Hammers an actual character they are intending to write in, or is it a tongue-in-cheek reference to what Odin sarcastically called Thor in the MCU?


I think the God of Hammers is Thanos.

What if the God of hammers is THE hammer Mijorn (off the dome possible spelling error) there’s a mighty thor book that details the origin of the Hammer. Idk just a possibility.


Sorry. Just a spelling flex. Keeping those third grade spelling bee champ skills sharp.

I wish my parents had put an umlat in my name. Umlats are just damn cool

The hökey pökey is what it’s all umlaut.


What a NERD! He doesn’t even know how to spell Mjdhfnir


I thought issue 19 was a good read. The way it sounds though is that this is a new character.

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Has anyone heard if #20 is 1st app?, or is #21 the one to get?.
I know KC says possible 1st app in #20, and #21 is origin of “God Of Hammers”

I went with #21 incentive for my guess, about all I’m investing in this character.


Look how long he held out for Dylan to get a symbiote. He should be in #20, but who knows with cates. It will probably be something stupid like God of light. Thanos seems too obvious to me. Cates is extremely hard to spec on because of supply and his ability to drag out the narrative.

Im riding it out on this Thor run by him but after the KIB let down, I’m calling it quits on Cates.

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Not spoiling, but should Thor call on the Echo/Phoenix/his mother(?) to help after the end of #20 ?

I know most don’t love Cates and spec on this forum - but curious to know if 21 has any spec value. Not reading the title


@RalphF I would secure a copy to be safe. The majority of hype started on these issues after FOC. Now with increased awareness, there will be folks wanting #21 that likely didn’t have it on a preorder/pull, etc. We will certainly see more of this “character”. What happens to the character or if it matters at all remains to be seen.

Not everyone of course, there were people aware of an upcoming God of Hammers plotline, but that was about it.

I’m sort of a “buy two” type…I’m sure others have differing opinions of course.


Yes. Get as many as you can. Foc was closed on 21 before 20 was released.

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I’m digging this cover and the glowing eyes and lighting behind him make it look like the new character has fused with him. Could be a cover to have. Maybe. Thoughts?

Doesn’t Thor eyes normally glow when he channels his powers?


Black Winter vs. God of Hammers finale to finish his run?

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