Thor #4 (2nd)..I like it!

I’ll buy this!


Yes indeed. That’s the right way to do a 2nd print. But I bet issue 5 goes to 3rd print and they use the “black winter” thor :crossed_fingers:

I still see something very vulva-ish in that image. I know I’m not alone…


Is it me, or does that look like a part of the female anatomy?


Bunch of perverts around here lol

Black winter is anything and everything.

70s vibes; can’t unsee it now. lol

Looks like a cover to Middlewest. Skottie Young ripoff ?

Oh man… Black Winter first is on Middlewest #1… it’s got a face and everything too…


My theory they been pulling everything from old D&D stuff like this cloud here from Al Qadin that destroys all, the Thanos and Cosmic Ghostrider storyline is almost identical to a storyline in Spelljammer, Ravencroft the spooky gothic realm is called Ravenloft in D&D, even Knull might as well be a vampire Drow.

It would be interesting to know if Cates was a D&D nerd back in the day…could really support your suspicions if so.

He did work at Dragon’s Lair, which is about 70% board and card gaming…

Ooohhh…plot thickens.

I’m not sure if he was a D&D fan or player but if he was, it’s either inspiration or coincidence.

Either way, can we talk about Thor #4 2nd print and not your hatred of Cates and your sole mission of expressing this sort of rage you have against the guy? It’s like getting personal it seems. Time to let it go… seems you’re going the extra mile… and it’s not even funny anymore, just seems kind of sad.

I’m not talking about Cates I’m talking about black destroyer clouds and how they relate to D&D

And this thread is about Thor #4. You’re just basically hijacking threads with your disgust of Cates and his work. Stop!

You can’t say you’re not talking about Cates when you start off with they, as in Cates and Stegman…

When does it come out?

August 5th. FOC is this Monday July 13th.

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I like this cover better than the #5 2nd print and I’m curios to see what the #3 3rd print cover is going to be since they still haven’t released an image yet.

Thanks bro! Ill put my order in today😀