Thor 5 3rd Prints Hitting $30

Thanks to D-Rog for pointing this out in the reprint bread but I thought this deserved a topic of its own. TFAW has the 3rd prints for Thor 5 at cover minus discount on pre-order. But act quick because these are going for As high as $39.99 in recent sales

Preordered a good amount with my Deceased Peach 4th prints guess that order is paid for. But let’s see if people still care come Friday.

TFAW was limited to 1 per from the get go. Not sure why they’re limited pre-FOC books but well, if you added more than 1 there, you’re likely only going to get 1 copy since that’s their new thing recently. Not sure why…

I pre-ordered 3 copies. It had a Venom #3 3rd print vibe. Even if its 1/4 as hot, that’s a pricey book.

I got 6 preordered but none in here. Not fond of selling before I received the book. But that’s a good flip. $2.79 buy $39.99 sale.

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I had set a multi-copy order before any 1 per customer. Let’s see if they honor it.

You sure? I’m pretty sure I added mine on the day they listed it and it was listed as 1 per when I added mine, that’s why I didn’t even bother adding more. Good luck though if they do honor… Because they were limited when I added, it made me look elsewhere to pre-order cause I’m still putting together 2 sets of Thor currently and trying to add each additional printing as well…

The only ones I missed so far I think are Thor #2 2nd prints…

That’s why I’m holding mine. I sense a repeat of Venom #3 Knull on the cover… I don’t think we saw Black Winter’s death in issue #6 and I don’t think a character that big ends now… no way. Donny Cates and Marvel know they got something good with Black Winter… you don’t get every damn issue in a single story arc going to 3rd and 4th prints and probably 5th printings and just call it quits… Load up people, this is the beginning of a big Marvel baddie I think who’s going to antagonize Thor and the rest of Marvel Universe for years and decades to come…


I preordered a couple before. I had that weird feeling too it would be like the, “Venom,” #3 3rd printing and have importance. Maybe we all had correct inklings?

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The virgin is $40 not seeing many trades sold that high

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I agree. If u look at venom and knull were up to issue 28 now and knull appeared in 3. A good 25 issues later for the build up and eventual king in black story. So I’d save give black winter some time were only at issue 7.

Not sure what’s up with your search but I’m seeing these sold listings for the regular trade dress (not that crappy rip off store variant that one had to start off paying a premium for):

Sold for $39.99

25 sold starting at $9.99 and ending at $15.99

34 copies sold starting at $9 and up…

$24.99 copy sold…

So yes, you can still find these at cover more than likely but it’s a book heating up and has huge potential.

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TFAW seems to be sold out - or at least it’s not letting my add any copies to my pre-orders. I already have 5 pre-ordered but if I can sell 'em at $30 now, gimme gimme gimme.

Donny Cates is on fire. I definitely can see his stories made into movies in the next decade. Best to get in on the ground floor

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Only difference here is that this 3rd print isn’t sneaking up on anyone. Yes, demand will be there for the Thor, but part of Venom 3 was the scarcity. Thor will definitely have a higher print run as to where supply might not play as much of a factor. Not that it isn’t a good book to invest in, but I can’t see this one reaching Venom 3 levels at least in price.

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Maybe, maybe not… but I bought my copies at $3 each. If I can turn around and sell them for $20, $50 or $100 a year or few years from now… I won’t be complaining much… :wink:


Oh 100% - I think it is a good investment. I can see it ending up a $50 book for sure. I just think people thinking they are getting the next Venom 3 3rd print are in for rude awakening.


Yeah, be optimistic but this one is unique and this one will land where it lands on it’s own. I just feel mutual with others that this one has the Venom #3 type vibe to it… now, value, that’s for the demand from the market to decide. :slight_smile:

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Also a lot of the people who have them will sell right now. It’s a longer hold I think. I have 3 right now from the lcs, if I get a chance today after work ill try to hit the shops here and get extras. Hopefully they aren’t already marked up, the shops here tend to do that

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How do you have copies already? I thought Thor #5 3rd prints don’t hit stands until September 2nd?