Thor #6 peach momoko cover

Anyone think this will see a huge boost now that the spoilers are out for issue 5? It says black winter appears as thor and her cover looks exactly like him :thinking:

I think from a Peach fan perspective it was already hot, and sold old quickly. If it were the only cover with this appearance…maybe a little. However, the 1:25 Ribic has his new appearance as well.

For me personally, I like the Ribic far better than the Peach> I think the Peach will be a love/hate for most.

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I agree. The peach was already hot due to being… peach. I always feel that ratio variants tend to hold more value over time. Store variants are generally for quicker flips. And at 4k print run on a trade dress, there will be plenty of chances to get it

thor #5 ribic 1:25 long term will be the book


And if Black Winter is something that takes on other forms and the first appearance was deemed in Issue #2, that’s the book to ultimately own already since it’s still on average a $20 book consistently.


The Ribic 1:25 is going to be sought after and very strong out of the gate. Likely less of them as well.
I just am not sure about its staying power though. Pretty conflicted…I just about pulled the twigger twice now and have resisted.

I believe that we currently have a market that was cooped up, tired of missing the hunt, and ready and rearing to go at the new market with lots of cash in hand.

I think my money is better spent buying another of the Thor 2 variant in the long run.

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Ill wait for Thor 5 2nd print. Hopefully Marvel puts him on the cover

Are we sure it’s Black Winter on the cover of the Ribic #5? While the face looks more like Black Winter then Thor’s regular face, the spoiler images of Black Winter and Peach’s cover have him being in all black. The cover for Ribic is Thor’s colors.

Yes, just do an all black cover… call it black winter… I’m in! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, funny. Wouldn’t surprise me. But I’m referring to his clothes and skin/hair. In the spoiler image and Peach’s cover Black Winter’s skin, hair, and suit/cape are all gray/black. Ribic’s cover has Thor’s blond hair, Caucasian skin, and regular colors in his suit and red cape.

We saw the scope of Black Winter at the end of Thor#4 (literally dwarfing Galactus). We also had the hint of what it is, or the breadth of the power it has in Thor #2.

I tend to see it as a “possession”…sort of like the Beyonder. Secret Wars is still marked as the Beyonder’s first appearance and he was nothing but a white light and a voice lol. In Thor #4…although it was a big ole black cloud…it definitely had “features” as well.

So while it may have taken over Thor…I can’t see how issue #5 can be considered the 1st…perhaps “Black Winter Thor”…but I’m not willing to invest heavily in that.

I think the outfit & color schemes tend to be an artist interpretation deal. In both covers, Thor’s facial attributes are what make him different from the norm. The artists clearly had some form of guidance as to what he needed to look like. The facial features are clearly the same–very aged appearance.

Could also go with the all black Black Winter is the physical manifestation of BW, but the Ribic cover is Thor possessed by BW. The solicit does say Thor becomes something else.

I think it’s 4 is the cameo/first and 5 is the full but we will see how the market decides. 4 is cover price everywhere and it’s 2 that goes for around $20. Seems the market likes 2 over 4.


Black Panthers and Luna Snows child would be named Black Winter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ditto here. Although I like cover A and it’s in my monthly pull list.

Isn’t that because there’s a reference to the dc universe, Darkseid, and then shows what looks to be Superman flying through space?

The market works in mysterious ways… :wink:

Really struggling with FOMO on Thor #5 1:25…
Any of you get a look inside of Thor #5? I’ve seen the spoiler of Thor “possessed” but is there anything really to it more than that?

I don’t mind Ribic and the cover is “ok”…thinking I’ll resist and save the money for something else lol.

Talk me out of it!! Talk me into it!!! :slight_smile:

We should have spoilers up tonight…

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Black Winter is a cloud Thor flies in and fights all his old enemies

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