Thor #6 peach momoko cover

Thank you! I’ll pass on it.

Everting is ASM 300 and Thor 337 homages these days…

There are way more better covers out there that I wouldn’t mind seeing homage to. Like ASM 301 lol JK JK :grin::grin::grin:

That’s just one page… there’s so much more…

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And right on cue…Thor #5 2nd print is coming on July 29th.

If the right page is used as the cover, it would be the first cover appearance…

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Yup. You know which page will be used. Hopefully without the silly word bubbles…

Gonna need to dump my extra copies and jump on this.

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Definitely would beat all the stores jumping on #6 for their covers…#6 doesnt come out until August 19th

Yep I figured when I had 20 copies of the first print in my cart at midtown and didn’t check out that none of these have the character on the cover and not even really a new character just a black puff of smoke in Thor’s image. Also I only have 7 gemini mailers and don’t want to cut cardboard.

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Thor 5 2nd coming out 7/29 doesn’t give it too much time before FOC but enough for a good amount of orders. Will see how fast sites get those preorders up.


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Just saw this here. I had started a new thread on it.
I agree. How do you not use that great BW panel. I can’t see this cover selling copies.

I’m buying it… I’m buying a million of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha. I will buy one as well but not the multiples I would’ve bought if it was the BW panel.

Totally missed the target on this one. Someone should get fired for this decision.

Will wait for the 3rd print.

3rd print will be the Galactus being a herald panel :roll_eyes:


Looks like the 1:50 for Thor 6 may be Black Winter.

And asking nearly double ratio ($90) Out of the gate.

The nerve!

Will look for a cheaper copy…but disappointed they chose issue 6…going to be a big print run now…

Yeah it’s $90 a few places.

It looks like BW but who even knows these days, maybe it’s not BW. Ha. Get that debate going.

Del’Otto collectors will be hunting too.

But I agree being on #6 isn’t great. I think the 1:25 on 5 being first full, even without BW on cover, is going to be the better book.

and the Peach Thor #6 (Beta Ray Bill Tribute) is also Black Winter…it is a Peach interpretation/treatment of course…but it is clearly the same character/altered “look” as Del/Otto.

I absolutely like the Del’Otto better…but it can’t really be considered a first in any regard at this point.

Holding out hope we end up seeing that BW panel from the interior of #5 on a third or 4th printing of #5.