Thor #7 - So Many Dynamic

Thor is hot right now but while browsing TFAW, I noticed they got 3 new additions to Thor #7 now.

Seems Dynamic Forces pre-sales with their signature book, another one but says “plus 1” which I actually have no idea what the plus 1 is with the book and then CGC (which honestly, at 30% off is a pretty good deal at $62.99 for a slabbed book, that’s about how much it would cost to ship off to get slabbed yourself if doing it all on it’s own).

I can’t recall the last time an issue like a #7 got so much love with special pre-orders and usually in the past Dynamic Forces seem to target the more worthy books.

Perhaps something seriously major happens at the end of Thor #6 with Black Winter and it’s going to make Thor #7 special. Maybe Thor becomes Black Winter? Anything could happen…


plus one usually means they throw in an extra book.

I was thinking that… but I’ve never ordered a Dynamic Forces book. The two I’ve gotten were bought off the shelf I think.

I’ve noticed DF popping up a lot with listings. But the cgc part is an interesting one.

Yeah, some of the books make sense. #1 books… but a #7 with a new story arc? That’s what stood out for me… Maybe they’re just gambling… IDK

They’ve been doing it for Batman books and Metal 2/3. But yeah those are known to have something usually.

Would additional store variants indicate anything special as well with #7?

No… there will always be store variants and it seems they’re on the crazy side again, I have the feeling they’re just riding the train while everyone is gobbling up all these issues.

For a while store variants were kind of on the low end, not as many were being hyped up, I think people got tired of them but now it seems they’re on the rise again… just a roller coaster ride.

Especially riding the Cates wave. I see more variants for Venom and Thor then anything else right now.

New store variants sanctorum

Appreciate all you do for us here, Poyo. Seems like every Thor book is hotness these days.

Just a perfect storm of Fan Favorite Books hitting fan favorite storylines by fan favorite artists/writers along with ongoing heavily touted “1st appearances”.

I am glad that is really injected sales into the comic scene…not just from a store variant standpoint, but all of these books and the varied follow up printings. An awful lot of sales were generated from the Venom/Codex/Black Winter/Galactus/Knull appeal.

First Knull thor cover? Thor 7

That Sanctorum cover is :fire: :fire: :fire:

I’m not seeing that at Sanctorum. But, I did see this 1:25 for #7:

$55 at Sanctorum and $16 at TFAW. I can’t keep up with all of these covers.

That’s why I just stick to regular issued covers and the additional printings. I don’t even bother with the store exclusives… trying to keep track of those would be a full time job.

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It says new threats revealed or something in the preview

Yup… new story arc… we’ll circle back around to the future image Black Winter shows him in Thor #6… Black Winter will come back at some point. Hold onto your Thor Black Winters… in another year, we’ll see everyone scrambling to get copies again like we saw with Venom #3 and Knull… :wink:

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I’ve got my 1:25 #5 and all the reprints worth having, gone are all the 1st prints for #2 and #5 and the #2 1:25. Made decent money more than I paid a few weeks ago that’s all that matters.

That could be misleading and refer to the new threat revealed at the end of 6.

I just saw someone sell a UF #4 1st print for $18