Thor #9 Spec?

Anyone see the guts of Thor #9, yet? Quixotic on Patreon has some images.

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I’d love to see these images…

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Mee too. I don’t have them, yet. I still can’t figure out how to post images here, anyway. Too large, it says.

Whats interesting about it?

Use photos resize or email em to me n I’ll post em.

I don’t know, yet. That’s why I’m asking if anyone saw it. Probably blake gets a costume and name or something.

Blake becomes the Shadow of Thunder.

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Send to me

Only image I have is the thor 10 cover, so far. Sorry.

He also looks to be on the 1:25 cover

Blake escapes from where he was being held

Perhaps you will want to save the rest till tomorrow night. Sorry if I spoiled it for chu

look out…he has a butter knife.


You didn’t spoil anything. The rest is coming Tuesday night.

Perhaps…hard to tell with all the blood on it…maybe because it’s a scalpel…:wink:

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He is a doctor, so a scalpel makes sense.

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But then again so is Dr. Ogio so he should know the difference… unless of course he usually uses a scalpel for all his butter needs, which would not help solve this mystery at all…

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Oh…so that’s what I’m doing wrong in surgery…butter knife for a scalpel…boy, is my face red right now (not with blood).

He’s more a Doctor of Love, he’s not trained surgically. Lol.