Thoughts on Funko Pops?

What does everyone here think of Funko Pops, or Funko products in general?

Some folk think them a bane of comic-cons and despise the stuff, others adore them and spend absurd sums of money trying to collect them all, new or old.

I myself have some of my favorite characters and a handful of other random fandoms, but nothing that valuable (I sold any I had worth a chunk of change some time ago fearing the bubble could pop at any moment). I’ll sometimes buy more expensive Funko products if I get a good deal with the intention to flip them and have made some scratch doing that at times. As Funko stuff is a lot more popular now it is primarily older products that still have value. New stuff just is released at such a massive level it is barely worth above sticker price, usually.

So yeah, Funko Pops and Funko in general, yah or nay?

Not my thing. Yeah they’re cute but would rather spend the $$ on comics, transformers toys or legos personally.

I don’t own a single Pop, nor have ever bought one. They don’t bother me though.

In peoples responses I’d like to know how many they own along with their answer to he OP if they don’t mind sharing. I think that would be interesting to know.

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Im do not collect or flip Funkos, but I do own 5. I started with a Bo Jackson RAIDERS pop. Bo is now paired with Derek Carr, also of RAIDERS fame. And beside them I have Harley and Mr.J from TAS and the last one I bought was the PX exclusive bloody Lobo pop. That is the extent of Funkos for me. All of my pops were bought for the love of the character/person/team, they were not bought because I like Funkos.

I have some POP’s from subscription boxes (when I did Loote Crate for a while and Star Wars Smugglers Bounty). I never really seek them out to buy individually. I’ve actually taken most of the Star Wars pops and put away in the attic, never opened, sealed in thick plastic. I figured I might be able to tuck them away for years or decades untouched and they gain value over time to dump on the market down the road.

Any room up there for a Teen Titans Special? :thinking:

when I’m 73 years old and likely already out of the comic scene.

I figured I might be able to tuck them away for years or decades untouched and they gain value over time to dump on the market down the road.

My thing with it is I don’t like the way Funko distributes them. It appears many of them get larger production runs than the comics the hero’s came from and by the time we get them in from Diamond, most of the people who would want them pick them up elsewhere before we can get them in the door. I just got stuck with a set of BTS Pops this week a girl requested and I didn’t ask a deposit for. She wanted them all but never answered the phone when they started arriving. Wednesday she shows up wanting all the covers on DCeased and I remembered who she was and got the she couldn’t wait excuse and bought somewhere else.

I now have more Pop figures in stock than my town has registered voters.

My assumption now is nothing that’s not an exclusive is going to sell for 3 years. Then, the people that come in with the cell phones and spend 2 hours trying to scan the barcodes on the bottom of every one will pick out what’s up over $10.99 on their app.

Until then it’s just keep stacking them up hoping some children stop by and grab a few like yesterday when some kids from the church came in and got two and a little girl with them grabbed a couple Barbie comics. Hopefully just having them gets them to spread the word and more kids show up getting them out faster and into the hands of people wanting to play with them. They tend to carry them around in their pockets to school and such.



I have like 200 and want to start liquidating them. Well most of them anyway.

I made it the sale for Saturday, Sunday, Monday chasing the rent and stupid Diamond invoice theme.

Spend $50 off the shelf items and get a FREE Pop $10.99 or less. $140 worth of Godzillas and Scarlett Spider Legends figures plus some DCeased Horror Variants just carried a Carnage Pop and that clown from Nightmare before Christmas out with them just now. (Broken up into two purchases)

Pops feel like pogs to me…remember pogs? It’s one letter off.

I don’t mind them personally and only own a few. I’ll buy any Star Wars Stormtrooper Pop’s I might see when I find them but I never seek them out online or pay above retail. The only Pop’s I collect are the Garbage Pail Kids series. I have a complete Series 1 & 2 of the GPK Mystery Pop’s.

I failed to mention I recently bought the Nightmare Before Christmas Pop’s/Pez candy dispenser set. Thought Funko/Pez was a pretty genius team-up.

They’re actually doing Chase variants in the Pop Pez. Same problem as the regular pops though. Massively huge production numbers and distributed thru Walmart and other sources ahead of release to Diamond so it’s a money pit of more stuff hanging around people already have by the time we get them and too overproduced to shoot up.

Even the Diamond Exclusive on final order cutoff today could have 30,000 which would put it in the top 60 or so comics for the month usually if it was a comic with that many coming out. It’s a good thing they’re limiting it to only 30,000. Imagine how many of those Star wars Pops got produced and horded away. Darth Vader #01 was my first qty purchase on Pops and almost 5 years later, even with one out of the box on permanent display I bet at least 9 are still here. The whole Star Wars comic section is filled with pops that never sell. I now refuse to order anymore Star Wars Pops as new movies come out. I’ll wait to see which make it to Diamonds bi-weekly clearance list.

The Beanie Babies of the Current Age … Diamond consistently has a pretty good selection on it’s Non-Comic Liquidation list, which has always been a good indicator of general popularity or lack thereof … I’ve never stocked them and never will … :vulcan_salute:

I’ve always liked them, but never spent more than $20 on any that I have.

I own and will continue to own Funko’s of Miles Morales, Beavis & Butthead, Rocky Balboa, Alien/Predator, Donald Duck, Sam & Dean (Supernatural), Sailor Moon, Slave Leia, Darth Vader, Muhammad Ali, Ahsoka and more. They present well in or out of the boxes but they do take up a lot of space as I accumulated.

This fallout is exactly what Funko needed moving forward in order to change their business model, I just don’t know if they’ll recover from all of this and continue to make an impact on the collectibles market.

Bye bye Funko… Even without the execs being turds and the SEC now suing them, this company was doomed already due to lack of innovation on their product lines.


I own a lot of Funko pops. Mostly horror is what I collect but also Simpsons and a few other things.

Assuming they had the right risk management measures in place, this hardly spells doom for them, although certainly it’s a blemish on their reputation. The right D&O insurance will easily cover this. Having said that, I’m not a fan of Funko at all. I own exactly 1 Funko and it’s because it was the only thing I could get near me for an autograph.

Don’t get me wrong, they were fun at the beginning but it’s just the same ol same ol now it seems. Just same vinyl figure, slightly different head and colors for the character they’re portraying.