Thoughts on Hill House?

What’s everybody’s thoughts on it so far via the previews? Will they be great? Only a select few?

I’m digging the new titles so far, at least from the previews I’ve seen. Joe Hill rarely disappoints, can’t say much for some of the other writers but they seem promising.

Can’t wait to read first issue! Looks promising.

Very excited for these. Frankly, I will want them all simply to add to my King/Hill collection of books. I’ve been reading King/and subsequently Hill for as long as I can remember (1st read the Shining in 1977 when it came out and still have the 1st edition).

I think they will do very well. I’ve talked to many non comic fans who will want them simply to (as with me) ensure they have them in their collection of related material.

I would highly encourage comic shops to heavily promote these/hand out those previews to fans to share with friends. I took a stack to work for my local shop and the response was amazing with quite a few going in just to pre-order them.

Dollhouse Family is on FOC this week. Its pretty good in terms of horror. Nothing gory, great story, easy to follow.

I’ll have two check it out.