Three Jokers, three 1st appearances?

So if there are three Jokers, will there be three first appearances? I assume Batman #1 is the first joker, what about the other 2? The Killing Joke? Batman #251? Any other candidates?

There’s a facsimile edition of Batman 251 released last year, and have been multiple printings of Killing Joke, I’m wondering if there’s anything else spec wise to keep an eye on?

I don’t think they will take the time to identify each individual joker and which was which throughout history but I could be wrong.

It may draw some heat to the various jokers keys throughout history though.

I always considered the three Joker’s to be three personalities of the Joker, and not three separate, physical individuals. I don’t think any iteration of the Joker would be too happy with the fact that there possibly are two other dudes walking around claiming to be him. :man_shrugging:





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Sorry, I’ll stop now… was bored while I was watching some work related stuff run and finish… :wink:

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Brian Azzarello Joker from the Hard Cover Joker is one of the three Jokers. It’s what they portrayed in Suicide Squad.

This book would already be a $500 key if it wasn’t a hardcover just for this in its pages.

Of course we all knew about the batwang and not this😂

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The comedian with the Redhood that falls in the vat is another and classic Joker, the third Joker is Heath Ledger the calculating Joker, the hardcover book is the Gangster Joker.

And the reason you think there isn’t 3 Jokers there all the same Joker is because they all have the same traits but different amplified traits. The classic Joker is more into Pranks and gassing or poisoning people like him, the calculating Joker sets up elaborate plans he can’t lose with violent consequences for those trapped in his plan, the Gangster Joker drives fast cars hangs out at strip clubs is the richest man in Gotham has a gang of thugs that torture his victims. They all have those capabilities but each of the three Jokers specializes in one of those traits more so than the others.

If there’s just one Joker with 3 personalities, it’s a bit of a cop out as the Mobius Chair said there were three. If there was just one joker with three personalities, it could have just given the name

I’m just waiting for countdown 31 and JL30 to pop so I can unload them.

But take a look at all the dc dollar comics that we’re joker themed as a clue to which jokers are the three jokers.

I don’t see anything close to batawang material. And why does being a hard cover kill spec value? Because it can’t be put in a plastic case and graded by CBCS or CGC?

I think the, “Real,” three Jokers are the friends we made along this journey.


Has anyone else had a chance to read it. I had forgotten how well Geoff Johns can write and the little easter eggs and callbacks (suit changes and characters) in the panels are a cool touch for anyone who read batman over the last 50 years.


Yeah, I thought it was fantastic

Agreed, it was a great read!