Thunderbolts movie


Does anyone know all the characters shown?

Is this even the right TB team? I don’t think anybody really knows.

I think red Hulk would be a safe bet along with Helmut Zemo for starters but there is a long list of members.

Crossbones,hawkeye, absorbing man, zemo, beetle, ??, bullseye, songbird, red hulk

Probably way off :rofl:

I think thats just a generic pic they found and not really accurate to the roster. Zemo, Yelena and maybe Walker are choices but we’ll see. Anyone remember when people thought the girl Bucky goes on a date with was gonna be Jolt before the show had even started? lol

Zemo, Yelena, Ghost, Songbird, Titania, Walker, taskmaster, someone from Armor Wars is my guess for the mcu team

dont forget Hawkeye’s brother…

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If Marvel was real smart they would introduce Deadpool Ryan Reynolds to the MCU in this.

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Could work. Have everyone think he’s crazy with talk of X-Men and mutants.

So, if none of the teams in the comics are going to match what we see on screen, do you spec on the first apps of individual characters onto the team?

So, the wiki for Thunderbolts has Winter Soldier’s first appearance as a Thunderbolt as Vol 3 #1. I don’t know if that’s true, but let’s say it is, do you look for that book in bins?

I think tons of people will FOMO anything that gets talked about or added to KCC, so might as well start digging. If Key Collector starts posting the first apps of MCU characters in the Thunderbolts as keys, they’re going to take off.

Probably thunderbolts 1, maybe even the newsstand or 2nd print. Or Incredible Hulk 449

This right here. The keys will be the Thunderbolts team/name. Then the individual characters for the MCU. Key Collector is going to have a field day.


Thunderbolts #20 (1998) has Hawkeye lead the team. He is in disguise until the end of the issue. MCU possibility? You guys are right, KCC is going to have a field day. The Daily Updates will have 20 books added to it one day, all Thunderbolts related. If you throw enough darts……


So, here are some darts, I’m using info I’m finding that could be inaccurate. Correct away if so. Let’s get ahead of that app and make some loot.

Thunderbolts #1 - 2012 - Red Hulk, Punisher, Agent Venom, Deadpool, Elektra join the Thunderbolts. This is already a decent price book, not too many in back issue bins, but probably worth an LCS wall type of price. If Deadpool does enter the MCU through the Thunderbolts, this thing blows up. There’s a 2nd print, but the blue border really kills the cover since everyone is red.

Thunderbolts #128 - Black Widow (Yelena Belova) and Ant-Man (Eric O’Grady) join the Thunderbolts. This probably has some sort of legs if it is actually the issue that she first joins, since she’s surely going to be part of this team. Looks like a $10-15 book right now, surely in some bins out there.

Thunderbolts #1 - 2016 - Winter Soldier joins the Thunderbolts. There are action figure and hip hop (Naughty by Nature) variants for this one as well. Gotta be tons of these in bins all over the place.


Thunderbolts #110 - Looks like Venom, Bullseye, Green Goblin and Penance join here. Little bit of heat on this one already, but not much. Gotta be in some bins.

Thunderbolts #20.NOW - 2014 - Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) joins the Thunderbolts. This one has an AWESOME Phil Noto Variant. $5-15 right now. Again, gotta be in some bins.

King in Black: Thunderbolts #1 - 2021 - Taskmaster joins the Thunderbolts. There’s a 1:25 for this that’s cheap right now, might be in some bins as well.

Maybe we should stop talking about the books so KCC has to do their own homework… :wink:


Based on solicitations for the upcoming Devil’s Reign Marvel Event, the new Thunderbolts team assembled by Kingpin could be way off the beaten track and be comprised of Crossbones, Taskmaster, Typhoid Mary, Shocker, Whiplash, Rhino, and Kraven.

You just never know which avenue they will be taking.

For me personally, I’ve stocked upon on Typhoid Mary keys for years. One of my favorite villains.

Agree with the above, it’s a fun spec because there are so many options/opportunities with books that are essentially pretty cheap or at least a bit undervalued (imo) currently.

that 2012 Thunderbolts team would be :fire:
kick ass lineup

When Luke Cage led the team? That was awesome.

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