Tim Drake Revealed to be Bisexual

Tim Drake has been revealed to readers to be bisexual in, “Batman: Urban Legends,” #6. I wonder if it will have lots of folk after copies?


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Didn’t the issue where Catwoman was revealed as bisexual initially saw some love on the secondary but is pretty much worthless now… if you do buy, flip fast.


“Tim Drake is [on the normal spectrum of sexuality] According to New Comic.”


As long as there is a good story to go along with this …I’m OK with it (my one cent !)

I’m glad to see DC is showing better representation, but it’s not going to matter if the story is a throw-away in an anthology and doesn’t mean anything. He’s a D-list character that nobody would be talking about if it wasn’t for manufactured outrage. There’s no spec value here, and if it never makes it to a mainstream title, no real social value either.

I feel like unless I say I love it I will be vilified. Anyway, social commentary and tackling social issues has always been a part of comics but lately I feel like I am being preached to instead of entertained. A little much, but I digress, I’m sure there will be an audience that feels differently. I’m a cheap date. I just want action! Lots and lots of action in my comics… fighting “action” just to clarify.:wink:

I Love it. So very very brave.

You still get action. Just now, instead of the male hero always chasing the girl, maybe that same guy, who we were never explicitly told was straight, chases a guy for while. Maybe a female character chases another girl. Maybe a couple chases a guy in one arc and a girl in the next… I know, crazy right?

It’s not preaching, it’s just the actual world humans live in. It was not reflected accurately for decades in comics and other mediums. We’ve now figured it out.

There’s always been romance and love storylines in comics. Always. It’s not social commentary to acknowledge some of your characters might not only be heterosexual. It’s just reality, full stop.


Honestly, Ive never liked romance in comics. More of a bore to me than anything else. I’m sure some will enjoy this and some won’t…


DC is hitting another new low when they have to use a person’s sexuality to generate headlines to sell books…


It’s not preaching, it’s just the actual world humans live in.

It’s just reality, full stop.

^ This right here.

I’m sort of the same. I understand the reasons why they do this so all people can relate to the character they might be reading about but I can care less who Tim is dating, kissing, seeing, chasing, etc. Good for him… as long as the love life is just a side story and not the main focus. But I wanna see my characters kick butt against villains when it comes to super heroes. If I wanna read romance, I’ll find an indie book that’s not super hero related with some more real world story within…


Hmmm…I don’t know that I care about “romance” but I do enjoy the impact of “relationships” and sometimes it is really difficult to distinguish between the two.

Some of my favorite Daredevil arcs are relative to his relationships (which included romance) with Karen Page and Elektra. Karen was a bit of an “easy” romance and relationship however.