Looks like Miss Minutes doesn’t have an appearance in this issue. KC has retracted her 1st appearance claim. Any idea :bulb: where she will appear?

They have really been messing up 1st appearances the last couple weeks over there since they stopped waiting for Anthony’s spoilers before adding 1sts to their listings.


cbsi had miss minutes on their list as well, but now its gone lol


The Ramos variant with her on the Cover should do well

It’s going to be a Gwenpool scenario. But they do show the miss minute symbol in the interior

Theres a panel where they show Miracle Man’s logo, maybe marvel will finally do something with him after so many years

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But still first cover?


Not reading the books is a real problem.


Tfaw is out and it’s selling for above cvr on the bay:

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Midtown still has them 1 per


I really like that Miss Minutes cover, though - even if she isn’t in this. She’s already been established as a character in the MCU (who knows if we’ll ever see her again), so I’d still like to have it in my collection.


She has an appearance on the cover, though. First ever?

It’s like Avengers Forever 1 all over again. At least she’s featured.

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BTW, good luck finding a 9.8 given that black cover with Marvels Sh!tty paper quality…


You can get 2 here…and pay media mail
Shipping. Plus they discount to $4.80.

I live close to NYC so they arrive same speed as first class.

Alana’s will take a month.

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This one is a little more expected that miss minutes wouldn’t be in there because she’s not on cvr a.

Yeah, I hear ya. I like this cover, though, as a fan of the Disney+ series. Not sure how I missed it prior to FOC.

I can see this spiking when Loki season 2 starts to buzz…


I tried but it stated that shipping rates to my address in California can’t be found? Haven’t heard that one before.

Only allowing local pickup.

That is so weird. I just dropped the last two in my cart to test it out and it says the same thing now. Local only. My actual order allowed it to ship.

Sorry fellas.

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