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If you subscribe to James Tynion IV’s email newsletter, I’d recommend reading the one that just came out. Fairly big announcement from him. He’s leaving DC and starting his own thing via Substack (which I know zip about).

“And then I received another contract. The best I’ve ever been given in a decade as a professional comic book writer. A grant from Substack to create a new slate of original comic book properties directly on their platform, that my co-creators and I would own completely, with Substack taking none of the intellectual property rights, or even the publishing rights.”

“For $75/year, you STILL get access to everything, but pay 9 bucks less over the course of the year. I’m also going to run a special deal… Everyone who signs up for an annual payment option in the FIRST 24 HOURS is going to get a signed single comic book in the mail that I’m going to pull from my storage locker. I’m going to try and nab you some goodies, some rare covers I have extras of, etc. No guarantees, no requests, no promises that they’re going to be perfect 9.8’s or anything, but I’m going to try to dig up some gems.”

The whole email is a novel in itself, but it’ll be interesting to see where this goes, as he’s the hottest writer in the biz right now.


I know nothing about substack either. Does that mean these will all be digital?

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I had to google it but this is two of many articles out there that describes substack.

Apparently digital subscription platform owned by the writer with Substack taking a small cut.


“you get access to everything. Every comic. Every post. Early-bird access to special covers and merchandise, etc. " and " a signed single comic book”

So, do I get those comics digitally with the subscription or am I just subscribing to a paywall to buy your crap?

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I am just excited he gets to write more creator-owned books. However, do these books still be printed?

Supposedly these books will still end up in print at some point. Like Brian K Vaughan’s stuff.

Im not paying for this stuff. Looks like I will have a lot of money freed up in the near future.

Thanks! I also didn’t have any information about Substack.

Which I’m still amazed in how and why!!! Most of his actual writing is sub par compared to most others out there.

I mean, this cannot objectively be true, right? I don’t think Eisner awards are for “closest to the median without going over.”

It can be subjectively true, but that’s a different game.


Poyo doesnt like his writing. A lot of people do. Its all opinion.

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I really don’t care about the Eisner Awards. It’s pretty much a small panel of judges who nominate and select who wins. It’s kind of like the Oscars to me, most of the time it’s all the people or films that shouldn’t have won… politics and people in the biz patting each other on the back.

There’s a lot of overlooked writers and artists out there me thinks…


I will say, he writes for MANY of the hottest titles out there. SIKTC, Dept of Truth, Nice House… and, Batman is always one of the bigger (biggest?) ongoing titles. He’s a superstar right now.


Hot as in “resell” on aftermarket doesn’t necessarily mean you are a great writer. :wink:

Look at Walking Dead. Kirkman’s writing is subpar but that series went on to great success.

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That’s fine, but my point is that to win an Eisner one needs to not be “sub par compared to most others out there” no matter how you slice it. It’s an objectively untenable statement. It is true, however that you could think he’s sub par, but that’s very different from what you said!


Batman writer? Looks like a job for

Even those who claim Bendis is a great writer (who I think has a few Eisner awards and not just nominations)… first time my wife read his stuff, she was like… this guy sucks! She’s got some literature english degree herself… I can’t even bother recalling her actual degree because it’s so boring… :wink:

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I’m not talking aftermarket. Those titles sell a bunch each issue.

And, obviously a very subjective opinion here, but Walking Dead is fantastic. I’ve been re-reading and getting the Walking Dead Deluxe books, and there’s a reason this became a global phenomenon. It’s one of my favorite books out right now.

Okay, let me rephrase. Just because something sells doesn’t make them a great writer. I can use Kirkman again with Walking Dead. It was interesting story and concept, but the writing wasn’t great.

I’m talking about actual “writing” ability… Tynion’s is sub par for me. I never said it doesn’t sell.

Cardi B sells a lot of albums and music but I think her actual skills as a musical artist sucks in comparison to actual musical artists. :wink:

Here’s all the soap box issue I’m picking at:

Saying, “I don’t like Tynion’s writing” is miles different than “Tynion is a bad writer.” I respect the first one, but if you’re rolling with blankets like the second, I’m going to want to see all your work. I don’t have any skin in the game other than don’t make people feel bad for liking someone that you say is bad if all you mean is you personally don’t like their work.