TMNT: The Last Ronin order number announced

Getting real tired of all of these Last Ronin covers looking so damn fine. SSCO Exclusive here:

That one is my favorite… New Avengers/Ronin swipe.

I’m not sure how many we had allocated/if we got allocated at all, our purchasing team is going to check the invoices. But IDW sent out an email announcing that they are doing allocations because they already had their print order placed prior to FOC, and then there were more FOC orders than they planned.

Then what is the point of having FOC if they do that? So silly.


Weird, diamond let me order the 1st print after foc (last week) … wonder if i will gwt the ones i ordered

Regarding TMNT: The Last Ronin #1 , IDW unfortunately set print quantities in advance of FOC due to considerations stemming from trim size and paper availability. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but IDW set an aggressive print run, believing the total would meet the final quantity needed. However, retailer FOC orders far surpassed what was anticipated, regretfully resulting in an allocation of the First Printing, reflected in the 10/19 invoicing statement.

The only solution available is to immediately solicit a Second Printing with a newly colored cover (item code SEP208135). This code is currently live via Diamond for orders, and the FOC date for the Second Printing is October 26th. IDW will be setting the print run the day after FOC to ensure all retailer orders are met. The on-sale date for the Second Printing will be December 2nd.

That second print is up on TFAW now.


Controller at IDW: “Go ahead and tell the printers to print just 100k of TMNT”
IDW Sales Guy: “But we still have orders coming in and there’s a week left on the deadline we told people they could pre-order copies”
Controller at IDW: “Doesn’t matter, tell them 100k”
IDW Sales Guy: “That doesn’t make sense to place a printer order before our own deadline, we still have orders coming in.”
Controller at IDW: “I said, we’re printing 100k and the order has been placed.”

Makes perfect sense right? :man_shrugging:

Who the heck is paying $50 for a regular cover book with 5 billion variants.

TFAW has Last Ronin listed currently… at less than cover price.

Well, maybe not… that was fast.

Seeing an awful lot of comic store and fb posts from folks with an awful lot of these books trying to unload them (both retailers and private sellers).

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What am I going to do with my 50 copies?

Do you really have 50 copies?

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I got 4 copies. I will get at least one graded and put the others away. I will probably get 2 to 3 copies of the other issues when they come out.

I thought I pre-ordered it but apparently I didn’t. I’ll just wait for the trade to read it…

Looks like all three of my Last Ronin 1:10s are shipping from TFAW. But, the 1:25 is shipping next week? Wonder if I’ll ever see that one.

Guess my options are to flip those or buy a bigger house to store them.

If you’re married, remove the significant other and then you free up space.

That’s a fantastic idea. I’m on it.

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Picked up a copy yesterday and quickly flipped for $20…I also requested a copy from a 2nd LCS, grabbed a copy from MCS and ordered a 1:10 as well. All because I wasn’t sure if I’d get a copy…thank you allocation craziness. Worked like a charm!