Today In Stupid DC Editing: Find Jon Kent

This panel is from Future State Superman of Metropolis #2. Why would they put that box there?!

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They should put some blood splatter around it…

“Oh no, they killed Clarky!”

“You bastards!”

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Find him?? Is he lost? He is a friend of mine from high school. I have shopped some of his comics around and gotten them picked up by publishers. First his book Thin from American gothic, and now Black Friday from Scout.

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Ah shit, I meant Jon Kent. Stupid DC, writing characters I don’t care about and making me forget their names.

You edited the title now no one will understand my reference. Lol.

And thus, my spring is trapped!

For those who want to know, here’s my footnote. I mistakenly named this thread “Today in Stupid DC Editing: Find Jon Clark.”

There. Forever memorialized.

Dude, change it back… you’re an admin! :wink:

Nah. I would rather Wooky have shame from breaking my heart. For shame Wooky, for shame.

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Nah, I would change it so it makes him look like a turd instead… :wink:

I thought he meant Joe Clark at first…