Todd’s Pickups and Sales Thread

That’s how I try to look at it. It was $1200 in profits if you factor shipping in. Some of it will go back into comics but only a small portion.

Bird in the hand…

Guess What? I’ve got a few more Modern Newsstands. I picked up 2 copies of CA#1, which is the first cameo of Winter Soldier. As well as CA#3 of the same series. $22+ shipping.

As well a few nice copies of CA#1 Chevrolet Promo came up cheap so I bought 2 of those as well. $15 including shipping.

Winter Soldier keys are cheap right now considering his shows coming up soon and I feel hugely undervalued. There’s actually a CGC 9.0 CA#6 Newsstand on eBay now for $250. I’m contemplating buying it but it’s a bit much for me though. I’m watching it in hopes of a great offer from the seller.

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@ToddW I don’t know why this question came to mind, but do you believe there are regions/particular areas of this country that tended to be more heavily supplied with newstands? Perhaps due to less comic stores, populations, maybe distribution issues so only a local drugstore got copies.

I hope that doesn’t sound like an absurd question, but in thinking about my early childhood. I lived in an area without comic stores. So newstands were the only thing I had access to. When I was in the Marine Corps, I still bought comics, but from my exchange (PX) and as I recall, those were all newstand copies.

Just curious if there are any trends. May be an impossible question. Thanks!

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Maybe not regional but more areas that bookstores were able to survive in. So I think big cities would definitely have more available newsstands.

Growing up in Northern New York, there wasn’t a comic shop until I was in my teens in my area. So any grocery, department, convenience, gas station, drug stores, book store or an actual newsstand were the only choice and they were plentiful.

I think when the internet came around bookstores and newsstands started drying up. Along with almost all the places that carried newsstands stopped carrying them. I’m not sure why the different places stopped carrying them but they did.

By the late 90’s the only place you could get comics in my area, that weren’t from a comic shop was the borders and a regional grocery store called Hannaford. Hannaford stopped carrying them just after the millennium and borders closed several years ago.

Factoring in newsstands were returnable the whole time also limits numbers. Along with most being crammed into spinner racks which caused lots of damage and civilians not knowing how to handle comics. High grade copies can be very difficult to impossible to find. Hell even low grades are hard to find. You end up with a emerging niche market that gaining a lot of momentum.


Civilians… I snickered at that cause we comic book collectors are truly a different breed in these terms we define. We have to remember, the large majority of people out there don’t see these as collectible and only see them as reading material, so essentially they are handling them in the fashion they were suppose to be handled in… by reading them. :slight_smile:

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Brodie: Hey, I tried to teach you how to handle comics in the sixth grade, but oh no. You wanted to play little league instead.

Heh, I think @drunkwooky 's

Explains this very well in a sense. Once something is in our possession that we love, the value goes up (even if the market doesn’t think so).

Think about all the types of things people collect. I might think the lady who collects creepy dolls is a waste of time, money and resources while she might see my comic collection as just a stack of paper with ink on them.

I was really after #28 which included the first appearance of the Tibetan Ghost Rider Nima. Some of the other issues have some minor firsts as well. Just more newsstands for the PC.


That logic can be applied to just about any retro collectible. Even the most renowned art pieces are just stupid drawings to some people.


What’s that saying? One’s man/woman’s trash is another man/woman’s treasure?

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I’ll have a major purchase that I’ll be posting within a week or two. Stay tuned.

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I’m trying to do this chronologically but I’m holding off on posting purchases until the post office has possession of them. So I have several purchases and a story or two as well but they’ll be at a later date.

Big sale this evening. My Marvel Now Point One 2nd Print CGC 9.6 sold tonight and has already been paid for. It’ll ship out tomorrow morning. It sold for $1360 including shipping. Paid $66 towards the end of March. Don’t tell me you can’t make money by strictly buying off of eBay. I believe I’ve consistently proven you can.

I was trying to hold for a fellow board member but it was $300 more than what they were going to pay. I feel bad but I can’t leave money on the table like that. I was surprised that I got that much. A CGC 9.6 of the same book sold for $710 in an auction last night.

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Where did you sell Amazing Fantasy 15 for $1200?

Nice! Great return. I didn’t realize there was a newsstand edition of that. Don’t know how I missed that.

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Some recent purchases of which I’ve been trying to get copies of some for awhile. Speaking of, Thor God of Thunder #2 has been on my list ever since I read it on Comixology Unlimited a few years ago. Still the best Thor run I’ve read of which I’ve read very little tbh. Got this Beauty for $55 including shipping.

Next up as some of you know from reading this thread and others, I sold my newsstand copy of AF#15 First Amadeus Cho for a record amount. It was supposed to be a long term hold but I needed the cash infusion for various reasons.

I have a really nice raw copy in my collection already but it’s a direct edition. Added another to replace it but alas it’s not another newsstand but a PGX 9.4 that I picked up for $150.

It’s starting to gain some attention in part because of the record sale but it has other things going for it. Including a relatively low print run and the first appearances of several characters including the aforementioned Amadeus Cho.


Some that got away due to sellers remorse. I’m holding off on naming them because I’ve dealt with them before with no issues. Still pissed me off and there’s a few different sellers not just one.

First off I love eBays watch feature allows sellers to send offers to watchers. Just love but they need to increase capacity because I’m always having to remove items to add newer more desirable ones.

Got an offer for the entire Grant Morrison X-Men Run. All of em in high grade I which there are several keys. Would you turn down $11 plus $9 in shipping offer? I sure didn’t but it was an error on the sellers part.

Another that got away was this.

This one really hurt as it’s one of my favorite characters, Kamala Khans first 2 cameo appearances. CM14 can go for several hundred and CM17 is $20+

This was one of those rush through checkout while my heart beats out of my chest. Got a message shortly after stating it was an employee mixup and it was canceled. The seller made it up to me though. A few other sets had caught my attention and I made offers on the sets that they accepted even though they were low.

So I ended up getting these two sets for $35 total. Yes that’s a first print of the first full Riri Williams Ironheart.

The other was a set of the first 10 issues of New 52 Aquaman that I was after the trench and Trench King issues.


Some books at the right price and condition I’ll always pickup. Daredevil #9 is one of those. I passed up so many cheap direct editions in my quest for newsstands that I’ve had to start picking up the directs of those cheap key books. image

Speaking of Newsstands.