Todd’s Pickups and Sales Thread

So I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile but have just been to lazy. That and I only recently started selling again.

There’s a possibility there may be gaps as I’m slowing down on buying but it should be interesting.

So my first sale recently was a copy of Old Guard #1 NM. I read here that it was streaming on Netflix and figured it was a good time to sell. If it was an ongoing series I may have held onto it but given it was a movie with the possibility of a sequel I sold it.

I Paid less than cover when I ordered it through midtown’s previews. Sold for $30

The next book was New Avengers 7 Newsstand VF/NM. This book was part of a newsstand lot from an old online newsstand honey hole. I’ve since bought most of the newsstands he had so no longer a source. I paid less than $1 per book including shipping. I sold for $125.

Next in line we’re Superman Batman 22 & 23. These books I didn’t know I had until I was looking for the NA7 to list and ran across them. These were also part of a lot of books that I only bought for the few newsstands that came with it including a #8 first supergirl as well Michael Turners art. It worked out to $1.33 per issue including shipping. I sold SB 22 & 23 VF-NM for $25 including shipping.

The most recent sale was of Thanos 13 3rd Print in NM. This was cover plus shipping and was sold for $85 including shipping.

Most sold within hours of being listed so I think I could’ve gotten more but I still killed it in profits.

I wish I had been putting several years ago when I found a bunch of high grade silver and Bronze Age books for $1 each. I bought everything he had over the course of a few weeks. Most I sold off and only a very few went for less than $100 each. I still check in from time to time but he’s never had anymore.

Pics of the books because we all like those.


So $27 of those sales have been spent on the following books. Nothing major but all late newsstands in higher grades. There’s a total of 25 books. The first pic I bought 2 copies of.


Hey Todd Thanks for sharing. I didn’t realize what the Thanos #13 third printing was going for. Need to dig mine out. I think I also have a few Old Guard #1’s.


I sold off 2 of my Thanos #13 4th prints for close to $30 each. I’m happy, not $80 but not bad for a cover that just has Thanos on steps with nothing else really going on.

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Yeah the first print was more than I was willing to pay at the time so I got the lenticular & 3rd prints. Still have the lenticular but they don’t go for much.

I picked up a 5-pack of Thanos #13 3rd print a few weeks back, wish I had picked up a second 5-pack but they’re gone now. I may try to sell a couple given that people seem to be hot to spend money on comics right now.

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A few more newsstands for the pc.

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So a few newsstands for the personal collection. NA#4 is the first Maria Hill. Paid $7 including shipping for them.

As well we’ve got the 1:15 villain variant which is the first Jimmy Hudson which set me back $8 including shipping.


A few more purchases. Picked up 10 copies of Thor #5 3rd Print for a total of $25 including shipping.

As well a few Modern Newsstands. The Hulk #30.1 is the First Appearance of General Fortean. Apparently the current Abomination. I didn’t know the point issues marvel put out were available as newsstands as well. Something new every day, you learn. $15 including shipping.

Batman #700 was just an impulse buy and was a total of $10 with shipping.

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I like documenting my purchases and sales and will have a big sale to add soon. Anyways some more Newsstands that I already have multiples of but you never know what’s going to pop and I’m always trying to expand the newsstand collection.

First up Daredevil #41,42,44,46 & 58. $20 including shipping.

This is part of the Batman 700 order a post back. Giant Size Wolverine #1 $3. That’s it for now may have some more tomorrow.

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DD #58 is first modern Night Nurse isn’t it (off the top of my head). I just know I always look for that in shops/in the wild and it tends to always be missing lol.

Great stuff!

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Thanks, Yes it is. I went through the database looking for any first appearances before buying them. I’d forgotten until you mentioned it. Another book I can add to my saved searches.

I’d like to just find some kind of streamlined database of first appearances that’s free to access because I know there a lot of modern first appearances I’m not actively after. Simply because I don’t about them.

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Here ya’ll go… Ultimate Pickup and Sales Thread :slight_smile:


This Runaways #1 has been on my list for years. Never been a top priority and I’m always holding out for Newsstands and passing on the Directs, Sometimes stupidly. Kinda like how I kept holding out for a Newsstand of Inhumans #5- First Yelena Belova and now the Directs are crazy. Still haven’t seen newsstands for either of those issues by the way. $47 including shipping.

First Grail-$13

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So I bought the rest of the Daredevil Newsstands from the same seller that I got the others from. As well another copy of the first Stepford Cuckoos.


Okay. I finally have a sale and I may have messed up. Sold my Amazing Fantasy 15- First Amadeus Cho for $1260 including shipping. It sold within an hour and I’m afraid I could’ve gotten more with it selling so quickly. I won’t complain because it was $60 I paid in March.

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$60 into $1200… uhhh… I’d be happy with that. It’s a sellers market right now. Sell Sell Sell… :wink:

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