Tom King Getting Pulled From Batman

So apparently Tom Kings last issue is going to be #85. He was supposed to go to #100. Maybe they didn’t like the direction he was going to lead Batman.

“What we’re going to do for the last 15 issues is something no one’s ever seen for the character. It’s something that’s going to change the character for a generation, or maybe more. Maybe forever.” - Tom King

Like the move or let the man finish his run?

I read about this earlier. I stopped reading Batman after the Joker and Riddler storyline. I like King better when he does short series like Vision or Sheriff of Babylon.

I agree. I lost interest in Batman around issue #24 or so, when he started starting marriage. I like Tom King but this is actually good news if you ask me.

Why would they wrap it up,15 issues earlier than intended? We’re sales down? Is he not pumping out enough new silly characters like marvel does with most of their titles each week to pump sales?

I’ll,likely drop the title when King leaves. Stupid.

Batman sales have been way down surprised they haven’t rebooted it to another #1 Batman Afterbirth Old 53.

King’s run went stale awhile back when DC wouldn’t allow him to go through with the wedding. The entire Bane story has been subpar and turning Flashpoint Batman Thomas Wayne into a bad guy was a huge mistake. There’s no way King should have had this long of a run anyway. He’s going to finish at issue #85 still. That’s more issues than Grant Morrison wrote and people complained his amazing run was too long.

Also, Batman is still the top selling comic in the industry, but it’s down to around 85k lately when it used to be consistently over 100k in the first half of King’s run. During Snyder’s New 52 run it was consistently around 125k.

I hope DC hires Tom Taylor to take over.

Don’t forget that it was consistently around 90k before the wedding that wasn’t…i do believe they turned a lot of people off when they didn’t follow through… but they also upped the cover price to $3.99 starting with issue 51. So 90K at $2.99 or 80k at $3.99…?

I hope they don’t reboot…that’d be it for me…