Tom Taylor announcement coming

Whatever he will be working on at Marvel will be announced sometime tomorrow

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Did Marvel steal Tom Taylor from DC? That would be hilarious. :slight_smile:

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I was actually a fan of his Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman run. If you’re a parent, I dare you to read the Spider-Bite issue without crying.


There’s only one movie that’s ever made me cry… nothing I’ve read has ever made me cry. I even did a giveaway that included that question, “What movie made me cry?” and no one has yet to get it right. :slight_smile:

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What character has recently or just had a run end? Maybe he’ll be taking it over

Little girl in Schindler’s list ?

So Tom is writing for Boom, DC, & Marvel…man he keeps busy.

Im guessing either a Wolverine or Dark Ages series

I still think Cullen Bunn has him beat… he was doing Dark Horse, BOOM!, Marvel and a crap ton of other Indies it seemed for a while there…

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Never even seen Schindler’s List.

So manly poyo.

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Marvel is either reestablishing the Ultimate Universe and Taylor is writing The Maker OR I halfway expect Captain America.


“White Chicks”

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Please let him write ASM


I want Spencer to… "Hit the road Jack… and doncha come back no more no more no more… "


Unfortunately as dull as I find ASM I don’t think Spencer is getting off it anytime soon lol. At the rate its going it’ll probably hit issue 100/ 900

Only one movie always makes me cry,

The scene where the amnesiac dad finally recognizes her gets me every time.

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Welp, there ya go…

Guess we know whose taking over…or not


The pacing on the Spencer run has been terrible. I think it will be a welcome change. There were some good nuggets in his run, but things were too drawn out.

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