Top Selling Keys of May

These come from and show the top 10 moving books for each Age for the past month. These are in no particular order just the top moving books in the Age for the month. Green arrow up means price increase in the last month red arrow down means price decrease in the last month. has many tools available for free and a good source to add to your arsenal. Please click on the pictures to see the full top 10 for each Age.

Top Golden Age

Top Silver Age

Top Bronze Age

Top Modern

Top Variant Covers

I’m 0/10 GA 5/10 SA 10/10 BA 9/10 Modern 1/10 Variant.

What about Copper Age? :grin:


Only if they’re 9.8s, cause none of these Modern keys would sell at 9.6 according to you and your buddy jnoclu…

Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t heard of before. Seems like a really good tool.

Wrong again, again, @Brione. Im noticing a trend here. :rofl:. You severely lack critical reading skills, @Brione.
But it is rather humerous that these lists incorporate sales from all the eras of comics, and your precious, non existent copper age was not included. Why? Because it doesn’t exist. I hope you break the bank grifting your $20 modern non key 9.6s.

Look at these huge sales for modern non key 9.6s. Rolling in the cash. Lmao

You really are an idiot and a douch bag and you’re acting like a 12 year old. You misinform people on here all the time and you respond to almost everything. You believe you know everything about comics. It’s funny really. I think you have some severe mental issues. You should see someone about it. I’m pretty sure I can’t block you on here so I’ll just ignore anything else you have to say and not give you the attention you so desperately crave.

Ad hominem attacks. The gift given to fools. Lmao. If you dont like it, Brione. Block me. Or do I need to show you how that works too?

C’mon Guys … don’t launch into this Flame War again … it’s Comics, not the Presidential Election …


I’m done with the fool. I wont respond to him again. You guys humor him all the time. I saw it in the comment sections of the main site. I don’t want any conflict with anyone here. I honestly love this site, it’s one of the best comic sites on the internet.

I don’t personally humor anyone … I post what I think and I keep it Civil … I do enjoy a nice back and forth discussion, but Name Calling and what not simply destroys my Kung Fu, not to mention my Feng Shui …

Of course, I’m speaking for myself only … others may be into that kind of thing … :vulcan_salute:

No need for hostility every one collects differently. Yes there isn’t much of a market for 9.6 non key moderns. Sure some people still collect runs and they would be your customer for a 9.6 non key modern. Just because something is not key now you never know, I’m sure we would all be happy with a 9.6 Cap with hammer or 9.6 Ironman with Gauntlet now that they are keys.

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Im very happy with my modern non 9.8s. :smiley:


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In order left to right I’m a 9.0, 9.4,8.5,9.6 mine are all PGX lol

My NYX3 should be 9.8. The book is flawless, from what I can see. The back cover does ever so slightly creep over onto the front at the spine. There are no grading notes attached. Ive been tempted to crack and resubmit to try for the 9.8 that I think it deserves, but it is strictly PC, so I dont really care. The book is nice to look at and its staying with me till I die. But my collection pales in comparison to what I imagine your collection is, @Alana. I also love that you seem to be quite active in the forum. Thank you for your support and knowledge, Alana.

I’m back full time collecting again even quit all the Marvel app games so I have no distractions anymore. Have a list of every first appearance I don’t have and working my way down it a book or two at a time.

Funny thing is, I never said non-keys. So I don’t know where that came from. I said that a lot of Modern Age 9.6 key issues sell very well. Never said non-keys and never said current moderns.

Well, welcome back to collecting, Alana. CHU is always that much better when we get to hear your two cents.

With modern 9.6 keys vs 9.8 keys it really comes down to the price difference if I want a Naomi 9.6 it’s going to be half of what a 9.8 is but a 9.8 is @ $200 in this situation I’d take the 9.8 it’s a new book but $200 for a 9.8 what could be the next X23 or Harley. Not pricey to get in and your done with book it’s a 9.8. If you buy the 9.6 sure your going to have an extra $100 in pocket buts it’s going to irk you that it’s not a 9.8 especially on such a recent book. When it comes to an older more established modern key like Harley, X23, Gwen, etc I say get in where you fit in. Unless I win the lottery the only way I have 9.8 Modern keys and variants is I bought them when they were cheap and most likely raw and sent them off myself. Every modern I paid $50 raw for 8 years ago is now over $1000 in 9.8s, so you can’t be afraid to spend a little when the time is right because it’s much more scary to spend big bucks when the time has passed. But if you missed the original gravy train and you still want the key buy what you can afford if it’s a 1st appearance it still has a good chance to continue to grow. I have lower grade Silver Keys that I was paying $10, $20 for 8 years ago that have grown so much I kick myself for not buying all the low grade copies.