Top Selling Keys of May

I got back into collecting about 4 years ago after a 20+ year hiatus. I wish I was collecting 8 years ago. I did not get any of those books pictured above, for cheap. But they are all my fav characters (except Deadpool, he is not a fav of mine, that is a book bought on release day). My best deal of those books was the ASM300. I paid about $350 US, one month before the Venom movie was first announced. With the other books, I paid FMV at the time (but the money spent was made from flipping new books), but all have appreciated since I bought them.

Thank you for taking the time to write all that, and it’s definitely good info. I own over 150 CGCs and a lot of them are 9.6s. It’s much easier to find CGC signature series of top artists and writers at 9.6 than 9.8 and I like to collect CGC signature series. I also send in a lot of comics to CGC and have gotten back a bunch of 9.6s. 9.6s are cool with me, especially when I get them on older Bronze Age books and Modern 9.6s are usually not much different from 9.8s anyway.

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