Topps Vault Mando Trading Card Sets

Not sure if anyone has seen these, but Topps is putting out an eBay Exclusive Mandalorian Card Set. The are only available for one week.

From Topps
Product Information

Each set contains (10) 2.5"x 3.5" Cards

Subject List:

  1. Mandalorian

  2. The Child

  3. Kuill and Blurrg

  4. Cara Dune

  5. Greef Karga

  6. IG-11

  7. The Armorer

  8. Jawas

  9. Incinerator

  10. Mando

Shipping and Handling

Please be aware this listing will be live for 7 days (12/7 Last Day 12PM EST) then will no longer be offered again. We will only print to the number sold on eBay. Cards will start shipping 3-5 days after the listing has ended.

These will ship out of our Florida facility.


Some cool cards!

I’m a sucker. I bought one.

I’ve been outta cards myself for years but picked one set up. Nice price point, free shipping, from Topps as the seller, nice art. The kid loves “baby yoda” so can always give them to her when she’s a bit older.

There is also these for $13.99. Are they the same thing?

Grabbed one for a stocking stuffer, TY! Check this out:

Ebay prices on these are surprising, awesome tip!

Glad you checked the prices. I got an eBay email if I was still looking for them with people asking up to $300 a set. Granted it didn’t sell for that much. Looks like just about 4500 sets sold. People said I was crazy when I estimated 3,000-5,000 sets would sell. But people who listened will make out well with these.

Really? Wow. I got them and shrugged. They’re alright I guess, but not $350-400 great. I don’t understand trading cards really.

Maybe if they were scratch and sniff…

These are valuable? I just bought them when they were posted about because they seemed cool. They arrived a couple of days ago and I put them on my bookshelf in their little case as a fun thing to display. I don’t understand trading cards either, @drunkwooky. Maybe we should form a club for those who know comics but not other collectibles and need to learn!

Lol. Sell them.

Guess I will now if I can make some scratch…

The cheap listings ($10 - $20) on eBay are for individual cards, not the set. I don’t understand it either.

Highest sold price I see is $40. Am I missing something? I’m not seeing $300.

I bet those who only buy, sell and trade trading cards are all saying the same things about comics selling for a lot of money… "I just don’t get it… " :wink:

Well, a trading card is a representation of something else from some other media. Comics are usually brand new story involving new characters, and if they aren’t new characters at least new stories. The source material!

And those card collectors could be… "Just reading material if you ask me, not collectibles… " :wink:

Man I was going to put these in my kid’s stocking tonight!

It’s not too late, you still can… :wink:

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