Transformers G1 Walmart Re-Issues

If any of you are interested in re-issues of classic transformers toys, Soundwave and some of the classic cassettes are showing up at US Walmarts.

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Damn, now I will need to go into Walmart again. I loved Soundwave and the cassettes.

I’ve been hearing about these coming out for nearly a year…

Already grabbed Starscream, Devestator, Rodimus prime set and a bunch of mini-bots.

They had Optimus prime but without his trailer for $50!!! That was a bit ridiculous…not to mention many of the boxes were damaged…finally went on sale for $25 a few weeks ago but I haven’t come across it since then…

Found Soundwave at my local Walmart this evening. Had 6 total…all in boxes in pretty good shape.

Now waiting for the cassettes to show up.

If you’re curious what parts of the country they’re showing up in, you can do so here.

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Thats awesome. Post a pic, @D-Rog.

I would, but it’s out in my car and it’s raining at the moment.

I also have to figure out how to make pictures from my phone smaller so they meet the forum max limits…still haven’t figure that one out…

Take the photo, then go to your photo and then take a screenshot of your photo. The screenshot should work. I have to crop the screenshots after, before posting.

Yeah, sorry about that. Big pictures slow down website and take up disk space. There was also a particular someone uploading really huge pictures of irrelevant things… which caused us to have to throw some limits.

You can always setup an instagram or something, upload to there and then share via those means as well.

Here it is. I checked again this evening and they’re all gone now.

I did come across this box, though…guess what was inside…(yes, I opened it).

Oh man, that brings back memories…

I want a set. :heart_eyes:

A few of my other re-issues from Walmart.

Devestator Back in stock at Walmart if you’re interested.

Damn. Had that as a kid.

I’ve seen more of these restocked recently.

Here what was at my local Walmart today.

I found one yesterday. Pretty stoked. Damn expensive though. $70 CND ($45-$50 US).


Ahhh! You removed it from its original packaging!!!

Its not for resale, Drog. I take all my new PC toys out of the box, if they are for my collection. No fun in the box, my friend. It comes with a lil sticker packet that you have to apply, just like the old days. I loved taking it out of the box and transforming and posing him, and putting the stickers on. So much fun. Hows your box? :wink:(All in good fun, Drog)

Man, you peeled off the stickers too?!


I’m gonna break down and buy some as well, free them from their cardboard prisons and take pictures to make you squirm a bit… :slight_smile: