Ultimate Fallout 4 Facsimile Pre-Order Links

I have a couple of these facsimile issues, just because I know I’ll never own the original unless it was used as a coaster at a dive bar for 39 years. But, my assumption is that facsimiles are single prints. They aren’t just reprinted and reprinted like trades, right? Theoretically, if the print run is low enough and the demand is high enough, these could show some value? Again, in theory.

Demand is simply demand. If the demand continues despite the print run size, when supplies start to run dry and then availability becomes more scarce, then value goes up regardless of print run if the demand stays consistent. No theories required when it comes to demand and then supply (availability) vs demand. :wink:

Now, I get supply/demand. My question was more about how facsimiles are printed. Do they just continue to print more of these on demand like a trade? I’m guessing they are a one-time print like normal books, but wanted to confirm.

I don’t think this will be low printed by any means and I’m expecting a bunch of exclusives

To my understanding, it’s a reprint so it’s actually considered a first printing of the reprint facsimile. If they did another one, it would be a second printing… unless they change it around years later, I think then that new printing would be just another edition of a first print reprint of the UF4 issue.

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so what store is going to get the 1:25 cover for their exclusive?

@faele , you going to add an Ultimate Fallout #4 facsimile pre-order link to the pot here?

This 1st printing/ facsimile/ 2nd print / reprint facsimile has me remembering those crazy school math jumbles when we were in grade school - “If Johnny has 189 apples and gives Jenny 90 apples and 5 oranges, then how many oranges and apples does Joey have assuming Johnny kept 60% of the total amount”?

If I have a 2nd print facsimile edition of an original, is it considered a 1st print if the 3rd print is actually the facsimile? :rofl:

I can! Just will have to wait until tonight when I get home :wink: I’m out today!

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It’s weird because Ultimate Fallout 4 is reprinted in Marvel Tales Miles which comes out next month then a few weeks later the facsimile comes out.

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These facsimiles are like crack to me, can’t get enough. They’re also easy to sell if you ever want to get rid of them later for a tiny profit if you wish.

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Totally agree. I’m not getting a copy of most of these books, so it’s cool to have a crispy copy to stare at. I can fool myself into thinking I have a real copy.

A shop here in MN had an anniversary deal and gave out bags of goodies. Had a few free books in it, and by far the best one was this facsimile:


how dare you post other shop links other than your corporate overlords :shushing_face:


Gotta keep the illusion going.

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The one difference about UF4 vs some of the other facsimile’s though is UF4 has already been reprinted a few times. 2nd print two covers, Halloween fest, marvel tales, etc…

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Here you go :slight_smile:


I been crazy buying fax reprints and true believers…
a Marvel True Believers Omnibus would be AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeesssssoooooommeeeeee


and there it is.

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Really taxing with that price tag