Ultimate Universe Event

It’s kinda/sorta back…

I’ll read it.


If Hickmans writing something I’m definitely reading it.


I just recently finished HOX/POX, my first real deep dive into Hickman writing besides a few issues of Fantastic Four. Loved it. I’m down to check out this series. I hope Hitch brings his A game though, because I did not care for his art in Venom.


Manhattan Projects by Hickman is one of my favorites. Highly recommend checking out his creator-owned stuff like MP and East of West.

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ARG hitch art

Hickman was on the verge of doing his best work with Dying and the Dead but he stopped short of completing it, then hinted at it coming back but never really did anything after that. I’m sorely disappointed.

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So…Ultimate Invasion #4 comes out next week.

The solicit reads…

I think this sets up the new Ultimate Spider-man series for January…

everyone in the ultimate universe are mutants
and it was earth after all

Nah, that’s Earth X.

Which wasn’t even Earth?

It was a whole thing.