Vaccine......Yes or No?

I’m just curious if anyone here has been vaccinated or is going to get it. A simple Yes or No is all that is needed. I’m not interested in any political BS from either side. @Anthony or @agentpoyo feel free to delete this if needed.
Just for the record I’m saying No.

Please shut this down

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Yes get it.

I got it and I feel fine

Yes. Save yourself and others.

I got it also no problems

I love vaccines

1000%, no hesitation whatsoever, yes.

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Yes. I am fully vaccinated.

Booked for tomorrow…

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Ive had both shots.


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Yes, gave me a bit of a headache but that’s far better than having and spreading Covid imho

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Same… I just had a slight headache and was a bit tired for a day…both times. Still was able to do my daily routine.

Havent gotten it yet. Waiting until summer to see how this all plays out.



Nah. Never get any vaccines. Not starting now. I already had the virus too.


Just got my first one yesterday. Absolutely no reaction, I’m keeping others safe & my work pays me to get it.


I wish my work would pay me to get it…

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