Vaccine......Yes or No?

Had Covid last April also…I was vaccinated fairly early on because of what I do (early December). Moderna. No issues other than a sore arm.

When it comes to this kind of topic that can be controversial, I like to stick to facts.

I got it, but Im weary of having my kids (9 and soon to be 7) get jabbed. They get all their vaccines and flu shot annually otherwise.

It’s one thing if I’m an adult and can make the decision for me and accept the risks of it being authorized for emergency use, but if the one for children is the also emergency use you have to ask yourself is it for the child (who I believe the vast majority are asymptomatic or very mild symptoms…at risk are ones with underlying conditions) or to protect the adults they are around who themselves choose not to get it. Or someone else’s child who the parents chose not to get it.

So I need to do my research on that one, and see how this plays out come fall or whenever it becomes authorized. For now masking is at school or other indoor events. Outdoor sports likely safe without masks…I’m flexible there, anyway.

Because it’s adults that are at highest risk. And right now those adults have the ability to protect themselves. It shouldn’t be on the children to protect someone that chooses not to get the shot, in other words. Obviously if your child has underlying conditions or some other risk factor a parent needs to weigh that in as now it would be for the child’s benefit to get it. I think masking of kids for school activities (elementary and middle school) will continue in the fall for that reason, as will the choice for distance learning.

But I wish more people would get the jab, because the #1 goal of a virus is survival…and they are VERY good at it…so it’s really only a matter of time before a variant mutation comes along, and that’s likely to occur in someone who gets severely ill, not a child or someone who is vaccinated.

This virus is so communicable that those who don’t get the shot will highly likely get the virus. and increases that probability of a more deadly variant ahead of science developing a counter vaccine for it. Those are facts.

I don’t want to go back to 2020. So I encourage those not vaccinated to do so for that reason. Otherwise it’s on them how they want to roll the dice with their own health. I can also appreciate proceeding with caution when it comes to making the choice for their child when that time comes.

And I got Moderna, second shot was two weeks ago as of tomorrow. So I think I’m fully vaccinated.

And my symptoms were mild headache and I was really tired the next day. Rested and went to bed early. Woke up the next day feeling like $100.


My partner and I are 100% vaccinated. I got Moderna, and she got Pfizer. Neither one of us experienced symptoms aside from sore arms.


I got the first shot and no side effects. Going for the second on Thursday.

Currently on chemo, so if I ever want to go outside again and have some peace of mind, then YES.


Getting my first shot today in fact. So yes.

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Yes, I’ve had both shots. Only a sore arm after the 1st one and I felt off for a day (not a full fever) after the 2nd shot.

Yes, for sure. My wife and I are high school teachers and we have a lot of contact with kids, so yes… wish the vaccine would give you super powers, but sadly no…

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You’re teachers, you and the wife are already a “super heroes” in my mind… :+1:


Your unvaccinated children are still carriers and spreaders of the virus. They may be asymptomatic, but they could be passing the virus around to those who may be more susceptible to the virus. Vaccines only work in the community if the vast majority of the community gets the vaccine. You, as a parent, are legally obligated to make that decision fir your child in order to do your part as a member of society. Imo.

PS. I got my first shot ASAP, last Monday. Astra Zeneca. I love enhancing my already stellar immune system. :+1:

Vaccines work. They have literally eradicated deadly viruses in the past.

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Right now, most children are not yet qualified for the vaccines, at least healthy children. It’s only open to everyone 18 and older currently in most areas.

If I could get my 15 and 13 year old vaccinated, they’d be getting theirs today when I get mine. :slight_smile:

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That’s cool. :+1: Same in my country. We just opened up to anyone over 18. These are unprecedented times.

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Yes, I’ve gotten both of my shots already.

India is burning 1000 bodies a day because of covid and some Americans still struggle with whether they should get their family vaccinated or not lol

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Sorry to hear that. Thoughts and prayers.

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Had first shot, second shot in 2 weeks.

Just got my second Moderna on Wednesday. Very little to no symptoms.

20 minutes in line… done with first. Go back in couple weeks. Easy peasy… one more month and I can go around and lick hand rails again… woohoo!


This right here. I am a cancer survivor. Had Stage 3B colon cancer, went through 6 months of chemo and had 2/3 of my intestines removed. I am cancer free now but it is a 5 year wait to see if it comes back. When Covid hit I could not go outside and take a chance and it was mostly because of other people who don’t take it seriously and refuse to wear masks and cough on people when they get asked to wear a mask or won’t get vaccinated. Society can be so much fun. Most people don’t think about stuff like this because they aren’t living with someone going through chemo so either it doesn’t occur to them or they are just a holes and don’t care. My wife is even more paranoid about it than I am. I wasn’t even allowed to go grocery shopping because you know masks only do so much and then you have the people walking around with them under their noses anyway so it is literally doing nothing but making sure people like you and I will likely die if they have Covid and we walk by them and catch it. I don’t know what kind of cancer you are going through but I wish you the best in your battle and I hope you have a good support system around you. Good luck, Nick!


At my primary job, we got a whole team and big presence in Chennai. I feel for those guys, I’d be scared if I was in India.

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