Vengeance (Bane's Daughter) VS Miracle Molly VS Flatline

If you got $30 to buy a Federici variant, which one will you go for.

Vengeance (Bane’s Daughter)
Miracle Molly

Honestly, I can’t really justify dropping $30 for a variant that doesn’t standout (appeal) or history. Among the 3 characters, which do you think will least be spec worthy especially long-term. (Look at Lobo Daughter, where is she now? Look at Anarky, Joker’s son, Azrael, thought he was cool but …)

Too often these new character are flash in the pan and don’t stand out in longevity.
So I’m coming to the community for advice.

Flatline 100%

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Flatline. Miracle Molly reminds me of Warlock, some artists are going to hate drawing her as too busy.

Flatline is already, and will remain, flatlined

On tfaw I got miracle Molly and Robin 1:25s for $20 each. That being said flatlines appearance stands out more

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Same I got both but flatline seems like the winner. Because how many bad guys does Robin have?

flatline also didnt have a mountain of store exclusives, while molly did, plus the fact there is a 1:50 for molly that will always push down the 1:25

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Is vengeance on a Federici cover? I thought Joker 2 was punchline in the 1:25? Maybe I’m wrong or there’s an upcoming one?

vengeance is only has the 1 per store, I bet for joker 3 she might get a 1:25 that’ll be shown way before foc lol

Ok cool, I didn’t think she had a sketch cover yet.

My vote is for not Miracle Molly. I’m excited to see where the joker and Robin books go

Can I spend $30 on anything else?


You can spend it on any HTF 9.8 CGC IT UNREAD VF/NM SOLD OUT book you want.


No she aint on it. Its a Joker 2 Federici cover 1:25.

Joker #2 (Trevor Hairsine Vengeance Surprise Variant)

Looks like a real bargain compared to what some places are selling it for.

I can’t seem to add anything to my TFAW cart (except pre-orders). Anybody else experiencing the same thing?

I had it in my cart and it wanted me to pay but didnt feel like it

If you take original Bane’s current popularity (his first appearance is like a $100 book) and reduce that by like 3/4, that’s probably Vengeance’s long term popularity.

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Got the Fedirici variant for Molly and Flatline, but got the 1:50 for Vengeance since she’s on the cover.

Out of the 3, I prefer Vengeance, Flatline then Molly in that order.

Vengeance is a great name, and a female Bane sounds awesome (although been done b4).
Flatline also has a great name and I like the look.
Miracle Molly seems like the weakest name and not so great costume (this is still personal preference, I am sure others may like her), but I could still see her catching on.