Venom #200 aka issue #35

I wonder whose in the suit and what the hell happened!!



Red sword gives you wings.


I’m assuming Knull got defeated as well…

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Issue 200, eh?

I see 200 store variants in its future…:grin:


Just move spec back to thor :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Just means Unknown have to find a new series to make a variant for each issue that comes out


I think Thor gets killed in KIB 3

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Seems like it. Had a small sword through the old chest

Noooooooo. You’re kidding right?

And this will make the regular covers more sought after IMO. I’ve bought various variant covers of this Venom run and only a couple have increased in value the rest are literally covers I like that can be sold for cover price now.

spoilers tonight on the main site


Yeah doesnt the spoiler cover show it? I beleive

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Yea the spoiler cover has it

I posted the spoiler cover in the lounge earlier today for lounge members

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This is the last issue of the run also. Hopefully Cates ends with a bang.

Got it I knew I seen it ON IG then same as you posted it.

Last issue of what run?

Last stegman Cates venom